Self Discipline – A Life Well Lived: Fulfillment and Success

Self discipline gets a bad rap. Truth be told, almost all good things requires some degree of self discipline.

Angela Duckworth’s excellent book, “Grit,” identifies the two primary & universal traits of highly successful people. One of these traits is “perseverance.”

Perseverance implies that we prevail over many setbacks and disappointments; what most mistakenly call “failure.”

But “there is no failure, but in failing to begin or failing to continue. Everything else is an education & motivation.”

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Use “Failure” for Personal Power

If we use disappointments for their lessons and motivation, worst case, we evolve into an ever-higher, ever-better version of ourselves.

Best case, we win. We prevail. And we succeed in becoming not only an every-higher version of ourselves, but a remarkably exceptional version of ourselves. One who, hopefully, makes a significant difference in the world and in the lives of many others.

But… never without discipline. Because the path to exceptionalism is never the path of least resistance that each of our brains, that neuro-physiological organ in our heads, were engineered to seek and take (by the survival-imperative of evolution).

Self Discipline – Being and Achieving Your Human Potential Requires This

We can train the habit of discipline into our subconscious, neuro-physiological minds and brains with… yes, some initial discipline. We can train discipline into ourselves, while, at the same time, we also train the pain out of discipline, actually making discipline a desirable, emotional high, rather than pain to be avoided.

There are two global choices in this regard. The first choice, in spite of its bad rap, is actually the more attractive choice. That being: the pain of discipline.

Our other choice, “the agony of regret,” is ultimate pain. Permanent pain. At least insofar as we remain on this seemingly physical plain of existence.

Here’s to your continued growth, development and exceptionalism. In mind, body, spirit and results. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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