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Chris first experienced brilliant leadership in Jack Welch's GE (Capital). Chris is an acclaimed Leadership instructor at UCLA and for hundreds of companies and thousands of managers. In this powerful training you'll gain mastery over the Art of Transformational Leadership. You'll discover and begin to habituate skills and behaviors that unlock and unleash your unique brand of highly influential leadership. A leadership style that is wholly authentic to you, while reliably influential and effective.

Discover and master your authentic and charismatic leadership style and transform your life and career, and the lives of others.
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Live each day in a state of Peak Motivation, Engagement, Passion and Purpose. Personal and professional development training using science-based tools to optimize your mind, brain and your professional and life skills. Based in neuro-science, psychology and adult-learning science and the creative art of using this knowledge to hack your brain for substantial and lasting changes in your mindset, skills and results. Craft your life: create joy, fulfillment and success.

Live and achieve each day as a creative masterpiece of your great potential in passion, purpose, fulfillment and success.
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Do you want a dynamic guest speaker with a substantive message for your conference event? What if your guest speaker electrifies and edifies your people? While showing them simple tools for personal and professional success? Christopher is a former Stage/Film/TV actor (including a #1 TV show), a former Fortune-20 Vice President in Finance and Business Development and an Acclaimed Motivational Guest Speaker and Corporate Trainer. He will effect your people on levels no other event speaker can.

Inspire, engage and enrich your people. Excite and energize them to master their lives, their work and your organization.
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How Regular People Lead
Lives of Great Fulfillment & Success

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