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Personal Development & Leadership Development

Lead Yourself & Others to Massive Success

You are a high achiever. You feel the passion to live, prosper and succeed on a huge scale.
You know you -- and/or your team -- must constantly learn, grow and improve to reach your potential.
I understand your challenges and will show you how to slay them -- completely reinvent or rejuvenate yourself or your team.
I've reinvented myself and my career 180 degrees several times, succeeding at high levels each time. Here are a few examples:
  • 14 year old high school dropout and druggie
  • Homeless
  • Acclaimed actor (including the #1 TV show & critically acclaimed plays)
  • 30-year old first time university student (and top-20 MBA)
  • Fortune-20 Vice President
  • Entrepreneur/CEO (selling my first company)
  • Acclaimed author/speaker/trainer
You (or your organization) will learn simple, yet powerful, tools to master your potential -- and have fun doing it.
Create the you, life, career and income you've dreamed of and lead others to the same.

Why Peak Performance Leadership?

Because You Feel the Personal Imperative to Prosper. To Live Big and Matter.

Mindset  - Motivation - Personal Development Training
  • Because you are committed to success: to get the most from and for yourself
  • You refuse to waste your one chance at life
  • You are driven to live a highly charged life of great meaning & personal success
Leadership Development Training
  • Because you want to consistently get the most from and for others, including yourself 
  • You are committed to creating an on-fire tribe of team-members/fans
  • You need to make a significant impact on your world and to matter

Why Christopher Babson

You benefit from my one-of-a-kind expertise in personal and professional success
  • You need the wisdom and guidance of a leadership and personal development master
  • I will show you how to master your potential -- I led myself from drop-out druggie, to acclaimed actor, to 30 year old student, to Fortune-20 Vice President, to Entrepreneur/CEO to acclaimed author/speaker/trainer
  • I can relate to you. Your challenges, obstacels, dreams and goals. I will guide you through your obstacles to mastery
Leadership & Business Management Skills of a Successful Fortune-20 Vice President
  • Learn from a VP in Jack Welch's brilliant GE (Capital) & Dick Kovacevich's Wells Fargo Commercial Bank
  • Learn from a peak performance guru who created & managed more than $1-billion in corporate alliances
  • Business Management & Leadership Skills from several of the world's best companies & business school
Vision, Motivational & Leadership Skills of an Entrepreneurial CEO
  • Master motivation from a CEO who founded two companies, selling one (Billing Management Group)
  • You will learn how to inspire hearts & minds to fulfill your great mission & vision
Become a Dynamic Speaker
Learn Presentation Skills form a Critically Acclaimed Trainer, Speaker & Stage, Film & TV Actor (including the #1 TV Show)

Peak Performance & Success
Personal Development Skills

Maximum Engagement, Performance & Results
Guaranteed Outcomes:
  • Professional & personal motivation & results mastery
  • Live, perform & succeed with dynamic personal power
  • Accelerate & achieve all of your potential, dreams & goals
  • Destroy the barriers holding you back
  • Personal development & change management: create the greatest you & life possible

For more details on this seminar, click on this link: Peak Performance & Success

Leadership Skills

Leadership to Affect Great Positive Change & Results
Guaranteed Leadership Styles Outcomes:
  • Build team community & trust
  • Massive change management success
  • Unlock & unleash team & individual potential
  • Become a master of positive influence & motivation
  • Define, create & live shared team purpose with passion
  • Significantly improved, dynamic communication skills
  • Destroy the common obstacles that limit most people & teams
  • Develop a focused, driven & highly productive team of leaders

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