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(Seminars are 1 to 3 days. To facilitate change & optimization, 2- and 3-day seminars are encouraged)

Personal & professional development with science-based tools to teach you how to hack your brain for consistent & peak growth, engagement, creativity & productivity. Based in the sciences of neurology, psychology & adult-learning & in the creative art of using this knowledge & your mind & physiology for personal optimization, performance & results.

Includes the core of personal Peak Performance (see Peak Performance blurb to the left). Because you must first lead yourself, right? Then, you will learn the science & art of leading others to peak performance & peak results. Unlock & unleash your unique brand of charismatic, transformational leadership. Build a team of passionate, committed self-leaders.

Tap into & master your unique brand of stage-presence, persuasion & power. Own your stage, whether in a sales-meeting, board-meeting or on a platform with an audience of thousands. Learn how to Wow! audiences & inspire hearts & minds to purposeful action. Learn how to use your body, voice & words to engage, inspire & motivate people to act.

Do you need a dynamic, charismatic speaker with a substantive message & tools for personal & organizational optimization? Chris is a former New York Stage actor, a former Fortune-20 Vice President in Finance & Business Development & an Acclaimed Speaker & Trainer. He will engage, electrify & satisfy your people on levels no other speaker can.

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