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3 Perseverance Quotes for Positive, Inner Strength & Success

Inspirational and motivational perseverance quotes express profound truths, offering wisdom, guidance and... well... inspiration (ironically enough, right?).

These uplifting quotes inform us that we aren't alone and, importantly, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

They inspire and motivate us to stay the course, to be and to live big, true to our greatest vision of ourselves and our lives.

That said... a moment of inspiration or motivation, nice as they are, don't have a material impact on our lives, do they?

But... what if you could use these short, simple quotes as powerful tools for personal growth, intrinsic fulfillment and extrinsic success?

You can. After you enjoy these three, wise, perseverance quotes, I hope you'll read the sections below the quotes. Because in that segment, I offer you a simple, yet powerful, exercise you can use to actually gain much more from these quotes. An exercise that will allow you to garner and apply the wisdom, the inspiration and the motivation in these perseverance quotes to your ongoing, daily life... rather than just enjoying them for a brief, tangential moment in time.

This way, you might significantly accelerate your personal growth, achieving higher levels of intrinsic fulfillment and extrinsic success.

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Short inspirational motivational uplifting reflecting quotes

Stoke the Flames of Your Inner Fire

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

And not just "whether" you get up. But also: how fast and how furious? (Not angry furious, but furiously determined to prevail.)

Heck, forget that. Yes, get angry as well. Pick a fight with fear. Pick a fight with obstacles... with failure.

Own your fear. Don't let it own you, deter you or even slow you. Use it to fuel your fire.

Falling down (its actuality and its potential) is a great success device, if you choose to define and use it this way.

Imagine potential obstacles on your path. Then see, hear and feel yourself encountering them and owning them. Sure, they might win a battle or two. But they absolutely will not win the war.


Short inspirational uplifting reflecting quotes

Stay True to You. Own, Embody and Live Your Passion and Life Purpose

Man it sucks when others can't see our potential, doesn't it?

The Beatles were turned down by what, over 20 record labels?

THE BEATLES! I mean, by far, the greatest rock and roll band in history.

What?!?! That's insane. What the *&%^ were those record executives thinking?

You've heard this, and other, insane stories before, right? People who struggled. Were ignored, disrespected, unappreciated and tossed to the curb. Then went on to rock the world.

So, stay true to your passion. Your purpose. Your life. Your vision of your greatest self and life.

Believe in yourself. Use your mind and brain (through exercises like the one below) to craft yourself and your life. To create a brilliant version of yourself and your life.

And remember to focus your energy and action on the daily activities that must be done and done at consistent and high levels of quality, quantity and duration of performance. The small pieces of the puzzle that personal optimization, extrinsic success and intrinsic fulfillment are built upon. Craft not just a vision of your great, ultimate success. Also craft a vision of the processes, the daily work, necessary to grow, become, be and succeed as your greatest possible self. Because our results accrue from our daily habits and not from fantasizing about lofty dreams. (Though absolutely loft-away. Think and act BIG. Never small or middling.)

Inspirational positive reflection hope quotes

Tough times don't last. And tough people do. Subscribe to this wise mindset. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

See, hear and feel yourself as an ultra-performing master in the ultimate game of your life; your life purpose. Both in the results you will achieve in the future, when you're final story is written, as well as in the little moments of productivity and staying true to the process that you will achieve today... tomorrow... and the next day. All that little stuff that illuminates the path of your life journey and paves the road in gold.

How to Use Life Quotes as a Personal Growth Tool

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Where you can use the wisdom in these quotes for much more than just fleeting appreciation of their motivational, inspirational or educational power.

Let's use them to accelerate your personal growth and development. 

It will take precious little of your valuable time. I promise.

INVEST IN YOURSELF. You're worth it, right?

Momentary Inspiration and Motivation Feel Good, But Won't Change Your Life

I'm hoping you intend to materially improve yourself and your life. After all, we all always have dreams, goals and aspirations, right?

However cool you and your life already are, I know you want more. More intrinsic fulfillment. And more extrinsic success.


So... if we are to achieve our personal growth, fulfillment and success goals, we must employ life skills; techniques that, among other things, ideally integrate and incorporate the wisdom embodied within the words of capable people who've gone before us. Such as the wisdom we find in great perseverance quotes.

Work With Your Brain, Not Against It

So, you may (or may not) have wondered why my posts usually share only 1 to 3 quotes?  After all, so many other web-posts offer ten, even more, great quotes per article or webpage.

So, why am I offering you only 1 to 3 quotes?

Because, my friends, my goal is for you to take away much more than only a moment's inspiration from our short e-interactions together.

I want to be a more material and significant part of your ongoing personal growth. Your developing into an ever-evolving and exceptional version of yourself; living big, mattering to many and loving it all, while being loved by others.

So, Back to the Question: Why Only 1 to 3 Quotes?

But why only 1 to 3 perseverance quotes?

Because neuroscience shows that our brains fatigue easily. And the more information we have or the more choices we're offered, the more confused, tired and disengaged our brains become.

Here's a good, empirical, example: A study was done on a couple of BMW advertisements. BMW ad #1 listed something like ten valid, significant and important values/benefits BMW offered their (potential) customers.

Sounds powerful, right? Ten significant ways you can benefit from buying a BMW. Heck, better than only eight. Much better than only three. Right?


BMW ad #1 performed poorly.


Because people's brains became increasingly fatigued, confused and unfocused with each subsequent "benefit" presented. Also, with each subsequent benefit, previous ones become somewhat watered-down and meaningless.

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Always, Keep It Simple for Your Brain

So, BMW changed the ad. They 86'd most of the ten benefits from the new ad. I forget the exact number, but the new ad only identified one, two or three (I'm pretty sure they used only one) really great benefit(s) of owning the BMW.

So, what happened?

I mean, there's  no way you, I, Uncle Fred or Aunt Mabel would be more persuaded by an expensive product that only offers one significant benefit, right? Especially when compared to an ad offering ten.


Ad #2 significantly outperformed ad #1. 

Providing only one, simple, compelling benefit prompted positive response/action on the part of advertisees (I know, I've created a new word) as compared to the ad providing ten benefits.

Your take-away?

Always keep it simple for your brain. Don't overload your brain with information. Simpler is always better.

The moral of the story? Well, it's obvious (and already stated) but... because repetition is another important principle in learning and change, let me repeat the moral:

Brain/Mind Hack Emphasis: Always Keep it Simple for Your Brain

Instead of overloading and distracting your brain/mind with 10+ quotes, I will offer you only one to three really great, inspiring and motivating quotes... ones that also embody an actionable component within them (some way you can materially change your mindset, actions and skills). Then your mind is far less likely to become confused, disengaged or fatigued.

So, How Can You Make Life Perseverance Quotes Actually "Work for You"

Let's make it our goal, with these motivational and inspirational life quotes, to actually use them to work for you. To facilitate positive change, within and without, for you.

What I'm going to suggest, is that each time I post motivational or inspirational quotes, you grab the one that resonates most with you.

But don't stop there. Again, we want much more than fleeting inspiration for you. We want a simple, but powerful, new tool for you to accelerate your personal growth, motivation, action and success.

So, each time you grab one quote, do some actual work on it (outlined below), then employ that work each and every day for weeks (until the my next quotes blog post comes out. Then choose a new quote).

And this work will only take you 5 - 10 minutes on the first day. And 30-seconds several times a day on every subsequent day.

You're growth, your life, your fulfillment and success are worth investing a couple of minutes a day in yourself, right?

So, here's the process I suggest you engage with each quote you choose. And remember, choose only one quote to work on for a couple of weeks each day.

EXERCISE: Your Perseverance Quotes, Personal Growth Process 

1. Choose one perseverance quote that most resonates for you.

2. Write the quote down in your smart-phone or on paper.

3. Initially, invest 5 to 10 minutes identifying and visualizing the specific personal meaning to you in the quote. What specific, actionable wisdom, what lessons, mindsets or skills are embodied within the quote for you? Based on your past experience and your goals and aspirations? Make the wisdom actionable, some way you can optimize who you need to be (inner state) and what you need to do (habits and actions) in order to BE YOUR GREATEST, EVOLVING SELF who is ACHIEVING YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL.

4. Having done this. Clearly see, hear and feel what being, doing and achieving at this self improved potential looks, feels and sounds like. Feel it in your biology. Each cell. Memorize how being and performing at peak levels feels.

5. Identify 2 to 4 (ideally 3) single words that clearly and compellingly (you feel it emotionally in your body) tell you precisely who you need to BE and what you need to DO at peak levels to become, be and achieve your dream self and life.

6. Post the quote AND your 3 words in your smart-phone calendar (and/or your PC calendar). Schedule it as an alarm to go off at least 3-times a day for at least 2 weeks.

7. Give yourself a new, mandatory rule: Each time the alarm goes off, you must stop for 30-seconds (just 30-seconds) and repeat the three words over and over, while also feeling the positive and empowering meaning, inspiration, motivation and potential TO YOU in embodying the wisdom or principles in the quote and in your 3 words

And do this with each, single quote until my next quotes post comes, at which time, I suggest that you then choose a new quotes to focus on until the next post.

This won't take much of your time. The initial process (choosing the 3 words) will take probably five to ten minutes. Setting the alarm will take you just 1 minute. And each time the alarm goes off, just 30 seconds. 

Small price to pay for significant personal growth, mastery, inspiration, motivation and achievement, right?

Visualization. An Imperative Tool for Success. And One You Already Use -- To Work Against Yourself

Every product, every service, every performance you've ever seen or used, was first imagined in someone's mind.

Life's peak performers understand this and use this to optimize their game and their results. Their performance and their success.

You're Already Visualizing Sparky

Isn't it true you often imagine the worst? Or pretty damn close to the worst anyway?

And how's that working for you?

Want to optimize yourself? Want to experience life at a higher, healthier level? Want to achieve more intrinsic fulfillment and extrinsic success?

Then do what life's peak performers do: Visualize the best. I mean, the absolute best. Do it often. Do it well.

See, hear and feel yourself, in a first-person position, actually persevering through actual obstacles. Feel it in your body. How you own the mindset, skill-set and actions necessary to win.

Use past, real-life, personal experiences when you did prevail. Relive them. And be generous to yourself. Heck, studies of memory prove that more than half of what we all "remember" as factual, isn't so much. Our memories are not set imprints of actual events. Our memories evolve over time. We constantly fill in and delete even key factors.

So, use this mind dynamic proactively. Re-remember the past in vivid detail. Only choosing details that empower, embolden and inspire you.

And use it looking forward. Rehearse your inevitable success.

And this is real important: Also rehearse the work you must engage in each day. You know, that boring, even painful, repetitive stuff that we MUST do in order to prevail. AND include the inevitable obstacles. Visualize encountering them and defeating them. These steps are important, because the battle is won in the trenches. No battle is won astro-projecting into the future, avoiding all of the work and the obstacles.

This said, let's move on to this week's quotes.

Hope you enjoyed these perseverance quotes. More importantly, hope you'll use the simple personal growth tool I've included.

Peace, Power and Prosperity friends!

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