Peak Performance Life Strategy. How to be Successful/Succeed

Peak Performance Life Strategy. How to be Successful/Succeed.

Peak Performance Life and Work

You want to make more money, right?

You probably would like greater security, career growth and freedom as well?

In fact, you want to get the absolute most out of your life, don’t you?

We all share these goals. No surprises there.

So, why do so few of us succeed in our desires and to our potential?

Success Accrues from Our Habitual Behaviors and Actions.

Our habitual behaviors and actions, not the occasional ones, beget virtually all of our results.

And all behaviors and actions (habitual or otherwise) are preceded, and determined, by two other things: Our beliefs and stories.

Our beliefs and stories are what determine our every action; including our frequency, relative quality and duration of action.

And it is in optimizing your beliefs and stories that you have your greatest leverage to master your life and work experiences and results.

Beliefs are Simple, but Powerful Peak Performance Life Tools.

Beliefs are just that: What we believe to be true.

Mundane beliefs, such as “I have brown shoes on,” don’t much affect our lives.

Core beliefs, such as “I must continue to learn, grow and improve in my values and goals” have a large effect on us, and likely on others and our world.

Stories Might Be the Largest, Determining Factor in a Peak Performance Life.

For their part, “stories,” as I use the term here, are how we represent our beliefs in our imaginations and physiology.

Stories are how we see, hear and feel our beliefs in our mind and body, as convictions, emotions and feeling.

Stories potentially give our beliefs great impact over our states, actions and results.

Seeing, hearing and feeling a belief vividly, intensely and persistently will cause that belief to affect our life experience, our behaviors and actions and, as a result, our results much more than seeing, hearing and feeling something vaguely, distantly or infrequently.

When you identify, re-engineer and purposefully craft your beliefs and stories into ones that empower, energize and motivate you… WATCH OUT!!! Your game will change for the better.

Our Beliefs and Stories are Our Life Experience and Also Create Our Results.

Isn’t it true that some people encounter considerable obstacles, pain and disappointments in their lives? The only luck they seem to have is bad luck or no luck? Yet they remain relatively optimistic, positive and productive? They live a rich, happy peak performance life with considerable intrinsic meaning and fulfillment?

And isn’t it also true that there are others who seem to have great circumstances and fortune, yet they aren’t very happy, positive or fulfilled?

If this is true, and it is, then our life experience is, primarily, if not exclusively, a matter of our beliefs and stories.

The same is true of our results. What we believe and how we experience our beliefs in our imagination and emotions determines our behaviors and actions.

And our behaviors and actions beget most, perhaps all, of our results.

If we analyze, craft and re-engineer our beliefs and stories for greater personal power, peak performance and our human potential actualized, we can profoundly improve both our life experience and our results.

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Our Beliefs are Rarely Fact – They’re Mostly Opinion.

We all believe what we believe. And what we believe, we believe to be factually evident; or at least true.

And we are all wrong.

Sit still and quiet for a moment and get a deep sense of your body and environment.

Are you still?

Are stationary objects around you still?



In fact, your body and that which is around you are not the solid masses your mistaken brain believes them to be. Nor are they stationary and still right now – or ever.

In fact, our bodies, and everything else, are almost pure, vibrating energy. Most of which would appear to the human eye, if it were visible, as empty space. In fact, over 99.999% of our cells are "empty space." Empty space that is, in all probability, actually energy.

As still as your body appears, its cells are vibrating in millionths of seconds vibrations. (Per MIT and other top research institutions).

And that seemingly solid physical body you sport has only enough pure, solid matter to make a pure mass less than the size of a grain of rice; that is, if you include all of the pure solid mass of every other human being.

All 7,000,000,000 of them.

There’s More…

What’s more, the world around you, in spite of appearances, is not still.

The earth is spinning at more than 1,000 MPH at the equator.

1,000 Miles Per Hour?

I can’t see or feel that, I must admit.

Can you?

It gets better:

The earth is also flying through space (around the sun) at a speed of approximately 67,000 MPH.

Sixty-seven thousands MPH!!!

Can you see or feel this?

How about this...

See that blue thing in front of you?

Any and every non-colorblind person can and will agree that it is indigo blue. Or baby blue. Or whatever blue.


In fact, that blue thing is blue simply because blue is the only color NOT in the object.

We see it as blue because every other color is in the object and light energy associated as every other color gets absorbed into the object, whereas blue is reflected off of the object, because there is no blue in it.

Fascinating how wrong we are about such seemingly obvious truths.

So, This Begs the Question…

If we can be so profoundly, mind-numbingly wrong about such obvious things, how wrong might we be about our other beliefs?

Let’s take a simple one:

Ever think someone disliked you, gossiped about you or otherwise had it in for you? And, woops, you found out they actually liked you? Maybe admired you? Respected you? Or, at least, had no opinion or behaviors in relationship to you at all?

Because our beliefs and stories do absolutely define our experience of life – regardless of fact, whatever fact is – as our beliefs also define the results we do create, it behooves us to step back and re-evaluate our beliefs, how they are impacting our lives and, most importantly, how we can optimize them for personal power, peak performance and a life of fulfillment and success.

Optimizing Our Beliefs for Personal Power and a Peak Performance Life.

Here is a quick and dirty, though simple and effective, peak performance process framework to help you optimize your experiences, performances and your results.

Any time you feel strong, confident, happy, fulfilled, energize, excited... that is, any time you feel a significant, positive mental, emotional state and behavioral state...

...stop, step back and ask yourself: “what are my beliefs that allow me to perceive and feel this way?“

And do the same any time you feel sad, lazy, unproductive, or any other negative mental, emotional or behavioral state.

Then ask yourself, in both the positive and negative situations: “what stories am I telling myself about my beliefs?“ That is, how do you see, hear and feel -- how are you experiencing -- your beliefs within your imagination and body?

Take the information you get and practice destroying the limiting beliefs and stories and enhancing the empowering beliefs and stories.

Here are the eight ways we all self-sabotage and HOW TO STOP.

Self-awareness and presence are, in most ways, the cornerstone of physiological, psychological and performance health and strength.

Here are 42 Ways to Improve Yourself.


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