Living Big. Achieve Success. 3 Great Tips to Succeed Now.

Living Big. 3 Great Success Tips.

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Here are three key strategies to achieve to happiness, fulfillment and success; in whomever and whatever you hope to achieve in and with your life.

Living Big. Achieve Success Strategy #1

Have a clear, compelling, long-term vision of your life purpose. Then... and this is key... base each day's mental focus and activities on what moves you most expediently closer to the manifestation of your life purpose... or your ultimate life goal.

The extensive studies on what differentiates life’s most successful people, as done by Ivy League researcher, Angela Duckworth, show that life’s most successful people share two qualities that are determined to be the greatest factors behind their success:

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Success Trait #1

Passion for Your Life Purpose. Highly successful people are passionate. And with a Passion so strong, they define their great passion as their life purpose. The driving force behind greatest meaning and personal fulfillment in life.

Success Trait #2

Perseverance. Life's most successful people are persevere with tenaciously dogged commitment. Any and all significant success takes years. Years of so called failure after so called failure. But, as I like to say, there IS no failure, but in failing to begin. Or failing to continue. Everything else is but an education and motivation. Successful people persevere through these many and inevitable setbacks, obstacles and heartbreaks.

So have a clear, compelling long-term vision of your greatest life passion and purpose and persevere. Never doubt and never give up. Because even if you don’t achieve your purpose as originally envisioned, the person you become and the things you’ll achieve on your path, will cast a massive shadow over the person you’ll become if you don’t.

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Living Big. Achieve Success Strategy #2

Remain mindful that you are both biology and psychology. And just as a rocket engineer or a computer engineer must be a master at their technology, and a professional athlete must be a master of their biological and psychological technology and a doctor a master of theirs… You too must be a master of your technology. Both your psychological technology (your software as it were) and your biological technology (your hardware).

And your hardware affects your software, as your software affects your hardware. And not just in obvious ways, like if we neglect our biology and get sick or we don’t get sufficient sleep...

Understand that, each and every day of your life, your productivity, your level of performance and your achievements are wholly determined by the quality of two things: your psychology and your neuro-biology that very day. And if your body is less than optimal in serotonin, testosterone, adrenaline, dopamine and sometimes, in oxytocin, then this is going to negatively impact, not only the quality of your life experience that very day, but it will also negatively impact your level of performance and achievement that day.

Very few of us realize or manage our psychology or our neuro-biology, and one day becomes another day, becomes a month, a year and a lifetime. And we’ve unknowingly built our lives on a foundation of self-sabotaging psychology and biology. Under-living to our potential. And under-achieving to our potential.

Living Big. Achieve Success Strategy #3

Never stop learning. Grow constantly. Evolve in self-awareness, mindfulness and understanding of how to master your technology. Your biology. And your psychology. Because these, indeed, are the instruments of the quality of both your daily, moment by moment, life experiences. As well as the quality of your ultimate life achievements.

Bonus Tip: Success Strategy 

And finally, know that, as crucial as this knowledge is, the famous quote is a lie. Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power.

Haven’t you time and again intended to use some ahaa moment or other new awareness or knowledge that you knew would be a game-changer for you? And you never used it? Or used it weakly and once?

So use today's sophisticated adult-learning and change and skill-development techniques available to turn your new awareness and knowledge into actual mindset change, habit change, behavior change and new skill applied. Applied habitually, consistently and exceptionally

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