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2 Life Strategy and Success Skills Tips

The 3 Biggest Choices You'll Ever Make

There are three choices we make each moment of our lives that determines virtually everything in our lives. And these three choices, in effect, reveal our personal life strategy -- (or, as for most of us, reveals our lack of a life strategy):

  • What we choose to focus on
  • Our interpretation of what we focus on (our beliefs about what we're perceiving) and
  • What actions we take as a result of our beliefs and perceptions.

How we manage our focus, beliefs and actions determines everything we do, how well we do it and how often we do it.

This process also determines how we experience life, moment by moment, each and every day.

Seriously. It's This Simple

What do you habitually focus on? Distractions? Such as video games, internet surfing or small talk?

Fire drills? Like the bevvy of relatively tertiary demands our jobs and other people throw at us each day?

Other people's priorities? Like all the spam in your email inbox?

Your frustrations and irritations? Other people and life circumstances not looking, acting, being or behaving as you want them to?

The Higher, Albeit Difficult Life Strategy

Or do you habitually choose your high purpose?

Do you choose to focus on, define and conquer your intrinsic and highest personal imperative?

Do you choose consistently industrious action to actualize your purpose?

What we focus on and the meaning we give things are always within our control. Our actions flow entirely from our choices in focus and meaning. Our life results flow predominately from our actions.

Sure, there are things outside of our control. But we DO always control the meaning we give those things.

We can ALWAYS choose meanings that empower and embolden us.

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What Motivates You to be Successful?

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Are your habitual choices driven by transient pleasures? Temporary escape?

Or are they the result of a focus on, and commitment to, intrinsic, long-term meaning and fulfillment?

This is important, because we, and our lives, are our habits.

A Series Journeys and Destinations - All Choices

Some people think of life as being of two general parts: The journey and the destination.

Our journey is what we experience in the now, moment by moment, as the actuality of life.

And we are the master of our life experience. It comes from the habitual choices we make in the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening in within ourselves and our world; and, most importantly, what our observations mean to us.

Our destinations, roughly speaking, are those results we accrue over the course of our lives: Those external circumstances and outcomes we experience, such as the results we experience in our career, our living circumstances, and so on.

And, once again, we have great control over what our destinations are. And, in any event, circling back to our journey, how we choose to define and experience our destinations is what matters most anyway. At least insofar as from the perspective of our quality of life. (While actual outcomes do matter to other people: such as the actual degree to which we have a positive impact on others' lives, regardless of how we choose to experience them).

The compounding effect of how we choose to spend each, little moment, each day, over time, creates both our actual quality of life, as well as our actual, and self-experienced, levels of success and life purpose and meaning.

Life Strategy 1: Be an Habitual Self-Leader

Successful and fulfilled people are highly self-aware and self-disciplined.

They lead themselves first and foremost; habitually inspiring and managing positive mindset, productive beliefs and an intense focus on active engagement in working their passions and purpose.

Successful and fulfilled people habitually and actively choose each moment's actions based on their long-term purpose and meaning motivations. Successful and fulfilled people rarely, if ever, act now, based on short-term pleasure.

Create a Fulfilling Life

Fulfilled people are habitually aware of who they are, what they are about and their greatest life meaning and purpose. They choose to focus on positive, intrinsically motivating forces and self-images.

Fulfilled people habitually focus on their great meanings - their WHY's?! They focus on and commit to investing their limited life time and energy in the pursuit of the achievement of excellence in something that is of profound importance to them.

Successful people are habitually and extremely focused on their long-term meaning and vision for their definition of a successful and acceptable life. They are almost never focused on or driven by short-term avoidance or pleasure.

The average person unconsciously and habitually asks themselves "what would be fun or pleasurable to do right now?"

They then set about doing that thing; or eating that thing; or they feel frustrated because they can't do it.

A leader, an exceptional person, consciously (and subconsciously) asks themselves "how can I invest my precious and limited life energy right now so as to succeed in meaningful, long-term purpose and goals?"

To a leader, the drug that is the lie of momentary pleasure is in no way pleasurable. It is, in fact, ultimate pain. Because wasting time on momentary pleasures results in the ultimate denial of their life meaning.  While the engagement of their life energies in the fulfillment of their long-term growth, excellence and meaning is intrinsically compelling, intoxicating and addictive.

Life Strategy 2:  Purposefully Define Your Habits

We are our habits. More specifically, our choices in habitual focus, beliefs and behaviors.

And choices they are. Choices which require considerable self management, self leadership and commitment to habitual, substantial and growth and excellence. Because the human brain is always working against us. Our brains are not engineered for excellence, exceptionalism or self-actualization of our high life meaning. Our brains are engineered for seeking and avoiding threats.

So, that self-awareness, mindfulness and commitment to excellence must be consistently manufactured in our conscious, creative brains, our emotions and our momentum.

Wanting - or even being capable of - greater things, including a greater self, is, in and of itself, useless. After all, everyone wants more. Much more. And how many of us achieve even a modest fraction of the more of which we are capable?

Everyone wants an excellent life. Excellent results. Excellent things.

But what we want can be only a source of our suffering and disappointment. Unless...

...unless we choose to manage and lead ourselves.

Manage and lead our habitual beliefs, behaviors and actions.

Make a commitment today. Maintain a high level of mindfulness. Ask yourself throughout the day today: What am I choosing to believe right now? Where is my focus? What is my mental/emotional state? What activities am I engaged in? And are they leading me to be my highest and greatest self, acting on the creation of my highest and greatest life?

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