How to Succeed: Self Help Life Skills for Personal Growth.

How to Succeed: Self Help Life Skills for Personal Growth.

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I'm going to ask you a question, tell you a story and use an analogy.

I know you want much more for yourself and for your loved ones, right?

And who can make that happen?

Only we can make that happen, right?

To get what we want FOR ourselves and our loved ones, we must get more FROM ourselves.

And, like any technology, if we don't engineer, constantly maintain AND improve our technology of success -- ourselves -- through personal development and maintenance, then we limit our success.

Ownership – Personal Responsibility – Mastering Ourselves

It's up to us. The worlds busy with their own lives and problems.

Imagine now, for the sake of making a point, that you needed brain surgery. Imagine your life depended on it.

Who would you go to perform surgery on your brain?

Would you go to a really intelligent person who happened to read a few good books on medicine and brain surgery?

Or would you go to an intelligent, driven and well-meaning person who had STUDIED medicine in general and brain surgery in particular for 10 or more years.?

And... This person was continuing to practice brain surgery at the highest levels each day for the past 10, 20 or more years?

The point I'm trying to make is that I know you are intelligent, driven and well meaning. And I know you want much more for yourself and your loved ones. And you realize that only you can make that happen.

But… If we are to succeed in what we want from life, we must be like that brain surgeon. And not just with our technical skills. Also with our mindset/attitude, motivation and habitual mental/emotional states.

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How to Succeed: Personal Development for Peak Performance Levels

To reach our greatest potential, we must be committed each day of our lives to mastering our instrument of success through personal development and maintenance. It is our mindset that determines how hard and smart we work on the technical skills and activities we need to succeed. And human mindset, motivation and state must be constantly monitored, managed and engineered for optimal performance.

We must master the skills, the mindset or attitude, the beliefs, habits, behaviors and actions of that brain surgeon.

WE are our instrument of success.

That surgeon is his or her instrument of success.

That surgeon must master their focus, mindset, motivation, dedication... In addition to their knowledge and skills in medicine and surgery.

If we are more than just dreamers, wasting our lives away, one day at a time, we must develop the motivation and mindset of this surgeon.

Success is a Long-term Journey of Passion, Purpose and Tenacity

Success takes focus, dedication, hard and smart work.

It takes personal development - development of our mind and physiological technology.

And it takes time.

The surgeon didn't read a book or two then become and remain a world renowned surgeon.

They dedicated each day for decades to mastering their craft.

The good news is, your craft likely, though not necessarily, won't take as much time or work as that surgeons.

But.... Time is marching on with you or without you.

The next 5, 10 and 50 years will proceed with or without you.

Where do YOU want to be in 5 or 10 years?

Are you willing and dedicated to do the work necessary to get you where you want to be?

I encourage you to abandoned the naive myth that reading a few books, listening to a few videos and attending a few seminars will change your life.

They won't.

I also encourage you to abandon the conflicting myth that personal development doesn't work.

It does. Look at any successful person and tell me they haven't development themselves to succeed. Both personal skills, such as mindset, motivation and emotional intelligence, as well as technical skills associated with their profession.

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Like All Technology, We Must Constantly Maintain and Improve Ourselves

You must first change your motivation, mindset, habits and skills.

And that takes daily awareness and practice. It's not a one-time or occasional thing. Our minds are complex, imperfectly programmable things. We must actively remain self-aware, committed to learning and growing, then implement what we learn again and again, day after day.

Are you going to begin or continue that journey today? Because, if you do, then you will arrive at your dreams and goals one day sooner than if you wait until tomorrow.

Begin or continue now, with passion, purpose and dedication - to learn, grow and habitually practice, habitually employ, the good knowledge you get in books, videos and seminars.

Much like remaining healthy in our bodies requires thinking, believing, feeling and eating well and exercising virtually every day of our lives... To get the other results we want for ourselves in life and work requires thinking, believing, feeling and using the other tools for positive mindset, motivation, personal growth, personal development and success each moment, each hour, each day of our lives.

But, as they say: The pain of this work is far less than the pain of regret.

The pain of waking up in 20 or 30 years realizing it's too late. You had your chance and you blew it.

Knowledge is NOT Power – It Is, of Its Own - Useless

The myth that reading books, watching videos and attending seminars to accumulate knowledge will lead to personal growth, change and success is a fallacy.

Just as you wouldn't go to that surgeon who had only read books and attended seminars but had never actually practiced and implemented surgery. It takes habitual self awareness, learning and application of what we learn. To change ourselves. Our thinking. Believing. Feeling. Behaving and acting. And, given the complex nature of the human mind and life itself, the journey begins anew each day.

Only by changing ourselves, might we change our lives. And get what we so desire for ourselves and for our loved ones.

We must be like that surgeon. Learn, grow, apply and seek mastery each day of our lives for the rest of our lives.

Knowledge is NOT power.

The effective, habitual use of it OVER TIME is.

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