How to Be Your Personal Best - 1 Simple Technique

How to Be Your Personal Best - 1 Simple Technique

Think of anything great a human being has ever accomplished: science, business, art, athletics, love, war (While war's not qualitatively good, it is undeniably great in its impact, right?).

The common denominator and necessary ingredient to all exceptional human accomplishment is passion. Passion almost always for a self-defined higher purpose.

And there's one other thing all of these great accomplishments share.

The makers of great things, the doers, were so driven by their passion, their personal imperative, that they constant told themselves empowering stories of their great meaning and purpose.

Because people are story-based creatures. We live our lives as stories in our hearts and minds. We love stories in film, oral and written form precisely because we so relate to them.

And these great doers instinctively tell themselves stories that drive them to the exceptional, constant action necessary to achaive great things.

Because without the fuel to the fire our inner stories provide us, they would have lacked the reinforcement of

How to Be Your Personal Best - FOCUS

Our mind, our imagination, creates our reality; our life experience. What we focus on is our perception of reality. What we choose to do in life is grounded in our perception of reality. Our beliefs about what is, what is important, what is imperative, what is possible, etc.

How to Be Your Personal Best - MEANING

How we choose to interpret reality is our reality. Would you agree that one person can experience a job loss as a devastating, demoralizing set-back from which they never fully recover? While another person might choose to interpret that same loss as a growth and improvement challenge from which they ultimately improve themselves and their life?

How to Be Your Personal Best - ACTION

Our mind, including its perceptions and beliefs, determines what we perceive as real. Mind also determines what we do, how well we do what we do and how often we do it. And therein lies both the genesis and the results of our actions.

If you believe it important to do something, you are likely to do it. The more important, the more likely you are to do it. If you believe it to be possible, you are also likely to do it. If you believe it to be impossible, you likely will not waste your time trying. If you believe something to be imperative to you, emotionally meaningful, you are more likely to expend greater energy and time pursuing it.

So our mind, that is our perceptions, beliefs and feelings, determine both our experience of reality, as well as what actions we take to affect reality.

Life, at least our experience of it, is wholly a product of our mind. More specifically, our beliefs and perceptions about life. And our beliefs and perceptions are the genesis of our actions. So even the results that accrue as a result of our activities are found in our beliefs and perceptions.

Passion - A Tool for Personal Power

Passion, for its part, acts as a turbo-charge to action. It is the fuel to exceptional and sustained action, both of which are necessary to greatness.

With passion, we will figuratively move mountains to manifest our intention. We will engage in the long-term, sustained, peak performing behavior necessary to success. And we will storm through, over and past obstacles in our path.

Without passion, we will crumble early and easily when we encounter inevitable obstacles and set-backs.

Our lives are nothing but what we choose to imagine moment by moment.

The meaning, emotion and perspective you take from an experience is likely to be somewhat, perhaps even extremely, different from what I take from the very same experience.

How that experience impacts your subsequent beliefs, behaviors and actions is also likely to be different from how it impacts me or the next person.

Life Purpose

Studies have shown that we are most productive and perform to our highest abilities, and for our greatest frequency and duration, when we find great meaning or purpose in what we are doing.

Kinda makes intuitive, if not obvious, sense, right?

Studies have also shown that when we attach great emotional meaning to something, it acts like a turbo-charger to the facilitation of new habit in behavior and applied skill.

It’s been said that “to get something you have never had, you must do something you have never done” (and you must do it exceptionally and habitually… and you must consistently find new, useful, things to do as well).

Choose Empowering Meaning in All Things

So, let's say you get fired; either by your employer; or even by your partner.

Granted, being fired is, most often, frightening and painful. And it can definitely set us behind the proverbial eight-ball, which, in turn, can cause a cascade of even more undesirable results.

But, if we allow ourselves a short period of the pain of loss - very short period - what if we then take that experience and mold it into a motivating force? And a force for compelled, but positive, personal growth and change?

If we attach positive and optimistic meaning to our life's events and circumstances, we are far more likely to 1) identify more positive opportunities 2) act with determination to capitalize on those positive opportunities and 3) be happier in the process and with the outcomes. And we are more likely to do so instinctively and habitually. At least the more often we mindfully, strategically and tactically choose an optimistic, positive meaning or interpretation of life's events.

We are also more likely to assume new skills and habits that will facilitate our further and future success.

Easier Said Than Done, Right?

But the human brain and, indeed, life itself, so often work against us. Not to mention our individual, self-defeating, habits.

So we must have mechanisms—tools and techniques—to optimize, manage and master our instrument of success: Our heart, mind and brain.

The brain evolved over hundreds of thousands (plus) of years as a tool. Not a tool to grow and thrive in modern societies. But overwhelmingly, as a tool to survive the wilds.

As such, it naturally seeks threats (negatives), as it also seeks and takes the path of least resistance (to avoid potential threats). These neurobiological, instinctive and predominate brain tendencies facilitated our ancestral definition of success. Namely, another day of survival in a brutal world.

But You Want More than to Survive, Right? You Want to Thrive: Fulfillment & Success

Seeking and running from potential threats are not the path to enlightenment, success or otherwise thriving in modern societies.

So…we must find ways to hack our brain, body and mind and put ourselves in a peak state of focus, meaning and action. And we must do so on a habitual basis. For it is our habits that define our lives and our outcomes. It is never the occasional things we do.

Think back to a time when you were most resourceful, productive and successful. A time when you led yourself, and possibly others, to exceptional results.

This is a time when you felt mentally, emotionally and behaviorally congruent, confident and fulfilled as the unique and gifted person you are and at something important to you.

It's also a time when you took personal risk and focused on a positive outcome you could see in your mind and feel in your body.

Visualization Mind Hack: A Tool to Achieve Your Dreams & Goals

Where in your body did you feel your success, congruence and power? Imagine it there right now.

Is the feeling in your chest—your heart—or your stomach?

Imagine it now and do a mental survey of your body to identify what you feel and where you feel it in your peak state and peak performance moments.

Describe it to yourself. What sensations are associated with this feeling? And where in your body do you feel them?

What do you see in your imagination when you remember your greatest personal moments of power, efficacy and success? Recreate this now; vividly, with bright, bold colors and vibrant energy. Make what you see large and close to you. Make yourself an active, dynamic and integral part of what you see.

Do you associate any sounds with these experiences and state? Voices in your mind? Words of support or motivation? Music? If so, where do you hear them? Outside of you? In front, behind or to the side? Or do you hear them inside your mind?

Now double these feelings, images and sounds in your mind and body. Then dial them up even higher. And higher still. Then pull them back some. Feel how you have the power to access and dial up (and down) these experiences in your body and mind at will.

Intrinsic Fulfillment & Extrinsic Success

Your fulfillment, achievements and ultimate success in life will correlate with your ability to consistently inspire and guide yourself to fuel and optimally use the passion in your heart, the power in your mind.

Understand that the brain naturally looks for and focuses on negatives; on threats to self. This natural function of the brain is working against you; against your happiness, fulfillment and success.

Master your instrument of success—hack your heart, brain and mind—and energize yourself with optimism, passion and brilliant purpose habitually pursued. Then your journey (moment by moment, hour after hour) will be more meaningful, fulfilling and fun; and your destination (results) will correspondingly improve and increase in positivity and magnitude.

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