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Biography Highlights

Chris went from dropping out of high school and leaving home at the age of fourteen, with extreme family abuse issues and serious personal drug-abuse, to becoming a Critically Acclaimed Stage, Film & TV Actor in New York and Los Angeles in his 20's.

While Chris' acting career was taking off, he left it to pursue his passionate desire for an education. Leaving acting to attend Santa Monica Community College at the age of 29.

Have you ever been terrified you would fail? Chris felt this in the extreme, when he signed up for college. He'd never once studied, other than scripts, and he was certain that he was too old, and otherwise incapable, to learn how to learn, much less to do well in college.

Chris struggled at first, but he committed to success and ended up graduating a Top-10 UCLA program Magna Cum Laude, then from Purdue University's Top-20 MBA program.

Chris went on to become a Fortune-20 Vice President in, of all things, Corporate Finance, Banking and Business Development. He sourced, structured, negotiated and managed well over $1-billion in corporate alliances with Fortune-500 and middle market CFO's.

He left the Fortune-20 to found his first company, Billing Management Group, which he later sold, in part, to deal with serious health problems.

Slowly working through his health challenges, he went on to found Peak Performance Leadership, which he still owns and runs. 

Chris is an Acclaimed Corporate Trainer and Speaker, focusing on his passions and acclaimed expertise: Leadership, Peak Performance and Public Speaking. His great life passion and purpose, after fatherhood, is being a productive part of others' growth, fulfillment and success.

How Chris' Expertise is of Uniquely Considerable Value to You

Chris' diverse path has resulted in a uniquely diverse and powerful personal and professional optimization skill-set he will teach you to adopt and use to great success.

He's successfully re-invented his life and professional skills and accomplishments in incredibly diverse professions. Imagine a Fortune-20 Vice President in Corporate Finance and Business Development, who's sourced, negotiated and managed well over $1-billion in corporate alliances with Fortune-500 and middle market CEO's. The business, leadership and management skills these accomplishments required.

Now, imagine this same business and leadership expert is also an Acclaimed Stage and TV Actor. With the exceptional, dynamic and highly trained stage and camera presentation skills a successful New York stage and LA TV and Film actor must have.

This same professional also has the vision, passion and perseverance that a twice successful entrepreneur/CEO must have.

Finally, add to these uniquely diverse skill sets, the talents that an Acclaimed Corporate Trainer and Speaker has.

Now, most importantly, and here's the point that matters:

Imagine the powerful and diverse skills you will learn and employ to great success!


What You Get When You Choose Chris

  • A Uniquely Dynamic, Inspiring & Engaging Experience - The Presence, Dynamic Energy & Story-telling of  a Charismatic Stage, Film & TV Actor 
  • World-class Management & Leadership Skills of a Fortune-20 Vice President & Entrepreneurial CEO
  • Creativity, Passion, Energy and Vision of a Successful Entrepreneur, Speaker & Trainer
  • Science and Art - Creative application of neuro-, psychological- and adult-learning-science, coupled with the creative art of self-optimization and performance. 

Client Testimonials

"Today was exceptional. I am walking away with a great deal of knowledge & I am excited to employ what I've learned."
~April, Administrator, Pacific Mobile

"Your presentation was motivating, entertaining and fun, yet filled with powerful tools to use in our work and lives. You broke through barriers with your positive, energy-giving wisdom.Thank you for blowing away my expectations. I highly recommend Chris as a speaker or coach for your conference."
~John Cyprus, CEO, Ameritec

"Very moving seminar, Chris. Love how you convey leadership concepts and your techniques for finding my strengths and my purpose, in life and in my work."
~ Mahmut, UCLA Extension, Professional Attending Leadership Certification Program

"Loved the interactive aspect of the seminar... I'm leaving with increased self-confidence in my value... using what we learned in your seminar will make me a much more capable leader."
~ Mary, Chief Financial Officer, TLC

"You’ll be happy to know that I am applying your tools and the results are FANTASTIC. The results haven’t been limited to my work. Even my wife has noticed a positive change and is eager to take one of your public seminars herself."
~ Dylan Gittleman, Vice President, IBM

"Chris had a wealth of studies and stories that were both entertaining and relevant. He had tons of valuable leadership advice. Can't wait to apply it."
~ Amethyst, Division Manager

"Chris is Awesome!! He is very candid, I love his style!! I truly enjoyed this training!! He kept us engaged."
~ Rosh, GameStop, Inc. Corporate: Customer Care Supervisor

"His lighthearted and sincere speaking style is both engaging and inspiring.  He quickly grabs the audience and holds their attention with his wit and wisdom. He offers real tools for transformation...  Chris has the ability to bring about true change, inspiring people to set goals, live them, and ultimately achieve unlimited results."
- Joanne Nall, President, Nall Associates

"Engaging! Loved it. It was too short."
~ Lori, PR Director, Dermalogica

"Wow. Your energy is amazing. Incredibly useful and energetic from beginning to end. Interactive. Rich content. Useful exercises."
~ Adam, UCLA Extension, Professional Attending Leadership Certification Program

"Chris gave me great tools for motivating my people."
~ Dina, Manager, San Jose Public Utilities

"Inspiring. Opens your eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to become a better leader."
~ Steven, Director, DeltaStar Technologies

"It was very motivating. An awesome seminar. I really enjoyed the training and can't wait to use what I learned at work."
~ Mike M., Department Manager, Perennials

"Chris’ speech and breakout group were truly inspiring, motivational and packed with real-life tools we can and will use in business as well as in our daily lives. I’m already a successful person, but now feel like I’ve only just begun and am excited about the future ."
~Chantal Niven, Executive Producer, Green Isle Films

 "Chris did a wonderful job explaining different leadership & management situations. Very helpful tips. Now I just have to go back and apply everything he taught me!"
~ Esther, Group Manager, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

"Chris' training was eye opening & energetic. He kept everyone involved & made us all comfortable to speak openly."
~Jeff, City Supervisor, City of Fremont, CA

"It's going to benefit me professionally and personally. I didn't expect that.  BONUS!!!"
~ Julie, Supervisor, City of Santa Clara

"Chris is knowledgeable and has a lot of humor. The discussion was lively and he created and environment that made the seminar incredibly enjoyable, aside from the valuable leadership and motivation tools we learned."
~ Engracia, Accounting Director, Fidelity Material

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Take Your People & Company to the Next Level & Beyond
Contact Chris to Ask Questions or Schedule an On-Site

Let Me Show You How I Will Be of Immense Value to YOU!

What's important about me is how and why I will be of immense value to you -- and your organization or team, if I'm coming on-site, into your company to improve your people's performance in leading themselves and others at and to consistently peak levels and results.

Science and Art of Peak Performance

You and I always want more. Neuroscience and psychological science tell us this is engineered into all healthy brains.

And, as they say, "what got us here, will not get us there."

We all want to get there. We all always want more. And, if we are a part of an organization, we always need more. This is integral to every organization's purpose.

To get more for ourselves or our organization, we must get more from ourselves.

And to get more from ourselves, we must develop. Grow. Change. Again, "what got us here, won't get us there."

Einstein said, one definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result." And, of course, he also noted that "we cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created the problem."

Wanting and needing more is a problem. An unsolvable problem if we continue to use the same thinking, believing, behaviors, actions and skills we've previously used. 

What's more, many of us, especially in the corporate world, are very left-brain oriented. Logical, analytical and "show me," results-oriented. This serves us well... most of the time...

... but it's not enough. Because "personal change" is a pre-condition to significant "results changes." And personal change is difficult for the adult mind, both psychologically and neurologically.

What's more, personal change is not definitively quantifiable and, by its nature, is more "touchy-feely" and more likely to be avoided or dismissed by the adult mind -- especially the more logical "left-brained" minds that populate senior organizational professionals.

To compound this dynamic, achieving our greatest individual or organizational potential requires incredible passion. 

Passion habitually put into action.

And this, of course, is to delve further into our "touchy-feely" right brain. Territory that is often uncomfortable, if not dismissed, by left-brained people.

Circling Back to Your Training Needs: 
Make Sure Your Trainer or Speaker is, Among Other Things, Very Passionate

Make certain anyone you hire, whether for training, speaking -- or, frankly, anything else in your personal and professional life -- is passionate about their area of expertise. Really, really passionate.


Well, for one thing, we need passion for what we do if we are going to perform at peak levels. Studies show, and common sense tells us, we perform only to the level we find great, positive meaning in what we do.

Okay, there's some truth to the adage that "Content is king..."

...but content delivered poorly does not resonate or impact. It will not be heard, remembered or adopted and employed by the audience. Especially not at the SUBconscious neuro-physiological brain, which is far more emotional than our conscious brain is. And which is where our mindsets, habits, behaviors AND our skills reside.

So passion is crucial to effective training: passion on the part of the trainer; as well as accessing the trainee's unique passion(s). 

Otherwise, the delivery will not resonate. And the trainee's SUBconscious mind will not be actively engaged to begin making changes in the trainees' subconscious mindset, behaviors, habits or skills.

If Content is King, then Passion is Queen -- And Behind Every Powerful Man is a Powerful Woman

You want to maximize your time and investment, right? Then you must find a trainer who is crazy passionate about professional and personal development. And crazy good in their content and delivery.

And your trainer must have proven mechanisms to access and actively engage your subconscious, neuro-physiological brain (and mind).

In our training together, we will regularly access your subconscious and begin to rewire it for the mindset, habits, behaviors and skills associated with Peak Performance and Leadership. 

I guarantee your total satisfaction when you engage me to train your people or speak at your event.

We Will Never Pass This Way Again

Life's short, right? Way too if you ask me. Grabbing each day with focused passion, purpose and action is, I believe, integral to us achieving a life well-lived. 

Peak Performance in life, career and in leadership are a mix of science (neuro- and psychological sciences) and art (habitual mind, behavior and action mastery). Our results in all areas of life and work come from our habitual behaviors and actions, not our occasional ones.

Our habitual behaviors and actions come from our beliefs, mindsets and feelings.

Think of anything great any human being has ever purposefully achieved: scientific, medical and business breakthroughs, love, war (war is not good, but it is qualitatively "great" in it's impact). Any and all great human achievement is driven by passion.

Now... think of any great achievement that was driven by, or even accompanied by, an absence of feeling. An absence of passion. An absence of purpose or mission.

Can't think of one?


The Beliefs and Feeling Associated with Passion Drive All of Our Significant Achievements

Significant achievement always requires perseverance. Staying the course over time. Through obstacles, setbacks and disappointments. Even in the best of circumstances and with minimal obstacles they take time.

Progress and achievement -- both personal and organizational -- directly correlate with the development and success of the associated people. Personal development is necessary. The thinking, believing, feeling and skills that got us here, will not get us there.

Two Myths That Doom 99% of Individuals and Organizations

But there are two myths that doom the vast majority of people from considerable personal progress and exceptionalism.

Most people fall prey to one of two false myths about personal development -- including professional development. After all, it is "you, the person" that you must always develop, right?  These two myths, prevent most people from significant personal, professional and economic development.

One of Two Myths Almost Certainly Limits Your Growth, Performance & Success

So, what are these two, mutually exclusive, myths?

  1. Personal Development Doesn't Work.

    This myth is, ironically enough, both true and false.

    It's true because, for most adults, most of the time, personal development does not work.

    But it's false to assume that this most common of outcomes is proof that this myth is factual and that personal growth doesn't work.

    Because most people, most of the time, don't make the significant self improvements they are motivated to make is only proof that personal growth hasn't effectively worked for this person, this time.

    In fact, haven't we all improved many times? And throughout our lives? Especially when we are young?

    It's just that, once we are adults, significant and lasting personal change becomes much more difficult.

    The reason most genuine intentions and efforts at significant, permanent personal development efforts fail is because of myth #2. The myth that people have that:

  2. If I have the awareness, motivation and desire to change, I will change.


    Awareness, motivation and desire do not equal change. Frustration? Yes. Significant, lasing change? Rarely, if ever.

    Science tells us that 95% or more of human behavior, habits and all significant skill comes not from our conscious mind (that part of our mind that desires a specific area of personal growth) but from our subconscious mind. That part of our brain that, among other things, constantly regulates your heart, your breathing and your other biological functions.

    Have you ever driven in your neighborhood or on a freeway -- in circumstances that were nearly identical to ones you've experienced many times before, and you have, therefore, mastered?

    But have you ever driven for some time... and suddenly, you realize, you have absolutely no conscious awareness of the past five, ten or more minutes? Your conscious mind was somewhere else altogether?

    Yet, you didn't have an accident. You didn't swerve off the road or otherwise crash.

    This was because the circumstances you encountered while you were "spaced-out" were so familiar, that your subconscious brain has already mastered navigating them. Therefore, you could successfully navigate the road for five, ten or more minutes without any conscious focus or awareness on your surroundings.

    But... throw in a circumstance much less familiar, and therefore not mastered by your subconscious brain, such as a truck suddenly cutting you off at 65MPH... and your brain must become fully conscious -- if you hope to survive anyway. This life-threatening and unpracticed experience demands your entire conscious, and subconscious, awareness.

    Well, just like you aren't consciously aware of your subconscious brain's other functions, you and I remain oblivious to what drives our core beliefs, perceptions and skills, which, in turn, drive our habitual behaviors and actions, moment by moment, day in, day out. 

    Significant Change Occurs in Our Subconscious Brain, Not in Our Conscious Brain

    For significant, lasting change, we must access and change our subconscious. Conscious information and motivation are annoyingly impotent for significant, lasting change.

    Virtually everyone believes that significant personal change is simply a matter of awareness, information and motivation.

    This belief is false. And it's why virtually all genuine efforts at significant personal development and change fail.

    Our conscious brain is only an intermediary tool we must utilize to access our subconscious brain, where the change must occur.

    Conscious Awareness and Motivation Versus Subconscious Programming  

    Ever get tongue-tied, distracted, frustrated, demoralized or angry, only to later say "Damn! I did it again. I know better?"

    That's because you expected conscious information and personal motivation to affect your subconscious beliefs, skills and behaviors. 

    Our subconscious, where our core beliefs, skills and habits all reside, is much like a computer. Once specific beliefs, mindsets and skills are uploaded to it, our subconscious faithfully runs these beliefs, mindsets and skills in response to internal and external stimuli.

    Think of a pro athlete who, after hour upon hour, year in and year out, repetitively practice tiny, solitary mini-skills, until they achieve conscious expertise, then, through repeated practice, they transfer that conscious expertise into their subconscious brain, where they can now execute with perfection and without conscious focus on the skill.

    You've heard of the paradigm wherein human beings achieve skills:
    1. Unconscious Incompetence - We don't even know we lack competence in a given skill.
    2. Conscious Incompetence - Woops! We realize there's a skill to be had, and we don't (yet) have it.
    3. Conscious Competence - Through repeated practice, we become consciously competent. But... we must purposefully maintain conscious focus on executing the skill in order to successfully perform it. That is, until, through repeated practice, we eventually reach:
    4. Unconscious Competence. Here, we've achieved some reasonably high level of ability, perhaps expertise or mastery.

Scientific studies have shown we can hack our neuro-biology using our minds and our physiological bodies and, in doing this, we can affect significant neurological changes in neuron inter-connectivity and activity within our brains.

Neuroscience says "neurons that fire together, wire together."

Our knowledge, skills, beliefs, habits and feelings are all physiological phenomenon. They are circuits of neurons that have connected together and learned to fire together in the very specific sequential pattern of electro-chemical interaction that result in that specific experience.

We can, through imaginative use of our minds and physical use of our bodies, literally access our subconscious brain's physiology and chemistry and affect positive change.

For example, long-term studies of people habitually practicing meditation and mindfulness have shown their amygdala's physically shrink and become less (re)active. The amygdala is part of our limbic system in our unconscious, old brain, that is predominately responsible for finding and assessing threat; for fight or flight.

Or you might be familiar with Amy Cuddy's famous Harvard Business School study "Fake It Till You Make It." Or "Fake It Till You Become It." 

In Cuddy's study, she showed empirically how we can significantly alter our neuro-chemicals simply by the body language we choose.

By choosing high-power body language, we increase adrenaline (energy hormone) and testosterone (power and assertiveness hormone), while decreasing cortisol (negative stress hormone).

And, alternatively, by adopting low-power body language, we decrease adrenaline and testosterone and increase cortisol.

So, by how we choose to position our bodies, we not only change others' impression of us, we change our neuro-chemical environment within our brains; either increasing or decreasing power, energy and stress hormones.

The result? Well, our experience changes. We feel more or less energetic, positive, powerful and effective. What's more, our behavior correspondingly follows our neuro-chemicals.

Not surprisingly, in the next stage of Cuddy's study, the subjects' actions and behaviors were also changed. With confidence and risk associated behaviors increasing among the high-power body language subjects and decreasing among the low-power subjects.

Confidence, optimism and risk are all positively correlated with leadership, peak performance and success.

Exercises I Will Do With You and Your People at Your On-site

You and I will engage in simple and fun exercises designed for you to hack your subconscious (neurology) and optimally rewire it. Effectively re-program your established, subconscious patterns, and begin replacing any historical sub-optimal patterns with optimized, peak performing ones.

You will leave this training with new skills and awareness that will give you significantly increased mastery over the power in your mind. Power to optimize yourself for exciting new levels of energy, focus, optimism, productivity, personal power and success.

We Must Literally Re-wire Your Subconscious Brains 

The above background is important for you. You are here right now, at my website, because you desire more of something. Well, "more" requires change. Most of all, it requires change in the behaviors and actions of the people/agents whose actions are required to bring about the change you desire. The change can be either in yourself or in your team.

(Remember Einstein's observations on insanity and on change?)

But you and your  people are like everyone else in many ways, including how your neurology and chemistry work. And, including in the common myths that either 1) Personal Development doesn't work or 2) Information and motivation will bring about significant personal change.

They won't.

We must clearly define what you are changing from... and what you are changing to.

Then we must access your subconscious and, through empirical learning, growth and human change techniques, install your desired change into your subconscious brains.

Again, information and motivation are useless. We must access and reprogram your subconscious brains.

My Background and How it Proves Your Best Decision is to Choose Me?

I'm a recognized expert in leadership, peak performance and public speaking; including subset subjects, such as presence, charisma and sales (with a Peak Performance focus, because it's mindset and habitual activities that accounts for 80% to 90% of sales success).

I've successfully applied these skills by reinventing myself, and my skills, mindset, habits and career, in 180 degree opposite directions several times, and succeeding at high levels in professions requiring completely different skill-sets.

I went from:

  • Leaving a highly abusive home and dropping out of high school at age 14
  • Serious drug abuse
  • Homeless (twice in life). 

Transforming myself into...

  • Acclaimed stage and TV actor to

Again, transforming myself into...

  • First time ever university student at age 30 to
  • Top-10 BA graduate, then Top-20 MBA graduate to

Again, transforming myself into...

  • Fortune-20 Vice President, who sourced, negotiated and managed well in excess of $1-billion of business-critical alliances with CEO's and CFO's of large corporations

Again, transforming myself into...

  • Successful entrepreneur/CEO in financial services

Again, transforming myself into...

  • Renowned speaker and trainer in Peak Performance, Leadership and Public Speaking.

Perhaps most importantly, I've successfully trained thousands of people, mostly managers and sales-people, in significant personal change: change in mindset, skill-set and results.

I've successfully trained thousands of leaders: people who learned how to lead themselves at higher and more consistent levels and who also learned how to lead others at higher and more consistent levels of performance and results.

I Know How to Affect Significant Change

I started life behind the eight-ball, leaving a violently abusive home at age 14.

I spent much of my teenage years living in a drug clinic, the homes of empty-nesters seeking to help a troubled kid; and I even lived in a tent for a while. In fact, I've been homeless twice in my life.

I did return to high school, but I graduated dead last from my high school class of 326 kids. Finding out in a public forum, in front of my entire peer group, that I was ranked dead-last in my class. A significant blow to my already poor self-confidence and self-esteem.

Yet I went on to appear in a #1 TV show and in critically acclaimed plays in my 20s.

Even with these accomplishments, I was dissatisfied. I felt a burning drive for an education. So I left acting to attend school when I was 29.

I drove my motorcycle cross-country, to relocate to LA and attend junior college once I had California residency.

I feared I would fail miserably in college. I had never once in my life studied. As simple as studying is, it was completely foreign to me. 

I was convinced learning and academic success were too complex and difficult for me to successfully accomplish.

But I felt a passionate imperative to "become smart." I (mistakenly) equated traditional education with intelligence.

I left my very first, evening, junior college class and, alone in the parking lot, I screamed at the top of my lungs into the night and slammed my text into the pavement next to my motorcycle.

My dream of an education was crushed. I'd sat through an hour-long algebra class and could make no sense whatsoever of anything the teacher had said. (I wasn't informed enough to know to take a relatively simple class as a segue into these uncharted waters. I equated the ability to perform in math as the barometer of intelligence and the ability to succeed in college).

Humiliated and demoralized, my dream was dead. I can't describe how lost and hopeless I felt.

Passion Drive All Exceptionalism and Success

But the passionate desire to learn and to graduate college burned inside. I had to learn.

So I worked hard, finishing junior college with straight A's then graduating UCLA with honors from a Top-10 program, while also working 30 hours a week and becoming a first-time father to my older boy, Kevin.

I then then received my MBA from Purdue's Top-20 business school.

Following school, I quickly became a Vice President for several Fortune-20 companies, sourcing and managing well in excess of $1-billion in corporate alliances, mostly with other large companies.

Next, I founded, grew and sold my first company, Billing Management Group, a financial services company.

Can you imagine? A high-school drop-out. A druggie. A homeless loser, then an actor... can you imagine this person graduating a top MBA program? Becoming a Fortune-20 VP in corporate finance and business development? And developing, negotiating and managing alliances with the CEO's and CFO's of large corporations?

A Few Career Highlights

  • Chris has trained thousands of leaders for hundreds of companies to rave reviews
  • Acclaimed author (see Steve Forbes', Marshall Goldsmith's and Brian Tracy's reviews of Chris' book BOLD! on his home page)
  • Vice President for GE Capital Commercial Finance when Jack Welch ran GE
  • Chris sourced & managed over $1-billion in corporate alliances for Fortune-20 companies
  • Thirteen years as a Fortune-20 Vice President in Business Development & Corporate Finance/Banking
  • As an entrepreneur, Chris founded, grew and sold a medical billing company with no prior industry experience
  • In his first career, Chris appeared on Dallas when it was the #1 TV show in the world and in critically acclaimed plays and in films
  • Top-20 MBA from Purdue University
  • Chris has studied & consulted in Lean Management, Project Management & Six Sigma

Published Books

  • BOLD! – Success System. Live & Succeed with Passion, Purpose & Positive Personal Power (2016)
    • "A how-to-get-ahead book that is just what we need in thesedifficult times."
      – Chairman, Forbes Media
    • "This powerful, practical book shows you a proven systemto build an extraordinary life, accomplish all your goals...”
      BRIAN TRACY – NY Times Bestselling Author
    • "Listen to Chris”
      MARSHALL GOLDSMITH – NY Times Bestselling Author, #1 Ranked CEO Coach
  • Breakout Presentations – “WOW!” People with Persuasive Power (2012)
  • ZoneFlow - Peak Performance & Success System To Be Released in 2019
  • The Leadership Edge - To Be Released in 2019


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