Success Story Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Video

Success Story: Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Video

Motivational and Inspirational Success Story and Quotes Video

A Story of Passion, Purpose, Perseverance and Success

Why Your Brain Loves a Well Told Success Story

Human beings are social creatures. Stories are an effective way for us to communicate important information and values among and between ourselves.

Personal and emotionally compelling stories engage more of our biological brain, making the stories easier to relate to, be influenced by and remember.

You’ve heard of the “car accident effect.” You slow down and rubberneck in order to see what’s happened, right? Is it because you really want to see injured people? For most of you, certainly not. It’s because the brain loves useful information, especially when that information is framed within an emotionally compelling story.

We All Need the Sense and Belief that We Possess Independent Agency, Yet We Still Share Community

Do you want to succeed? Be financially independent? Positively impact your world? Never again have to worry about paying your mortgage, rent or other bills? Be important and respected?

We all want all of these things, right? And more. Much more.

And we all have struggles, pains and obstacles to overcome, don't we?

Stories Connect Our Hearts and Minds to Shared Values

Well, when we read or hear stories of other people who've encountered and overcome significant obstacles, if that story is well-told, we associate to the characters. We place ourselves, or loved-ones, within the roles of the characters in the story.

And when one of the characters encounters, struggles and overcomes adversity, it's as if we are victorious. The biological and psychological experiences within our brains are identical to those we'd have if it was, in fact, us that prevailed and won.

So, well told inspirational and motivational success stories act as... well, inspiration and possibly motivation, to our minds. They inspire and compel us to stay the course. To fight on and prevail. And that we will, indeed, be triumphant.

So, I encourage you to take time to read inspiring success stories and watch motivational videos from time to time. Just often enough and long enough to fuel the fire of your passion, purpose and focused, productive activity for the day. Not as a distraction or waste of time, but as a kick in the butt (and heart) to motivate and inspire your experience and performance for the day.

Here's an article from the University of California, Berkeley about how stories change our brains

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