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Peak Performance and leadership are each a mix of science and art. Mastering our habitual behaviors, actions and results by hacking our psychology, neurology and chemistry through the strategic and tactical use of our minds and our bodies.

There are proven techniques for hacking the neurology and electrical-chemical activity in our brains. Using these, along with psychological techniques, allows us to optimize our human operating system for peak motivation, peak passion, peak performance and peak results.

You will leave this training with new mastery over the power in your mind. Power to optimize yourself for exciting new levels of energy, focus, productivity, empowerment and success.


Celebrated Peak Performance and Leadership Training

Chris is a recognized expert in leadership, peak performance and public speaking.

He's successfully applied his skills by reinventing himself and his career in 180 degree opposite directions several times, going from:
-> High school dropout at age 14, homeless and in a drug clinic to
-> Renowned stage and TV actor to
-> First time university student at age 30 to 
-> Top-20 MBA graduate to
-> Fortune-20 Vice President to 
-> Successful entrepreneur/CEO in financial services
-> Currently a renowned speaker and trainer in Peak Performance, Leadership and Public Speaking.

Chris started life behind the eight-ball, leaving a violently abusive home at age 14.

He spent much of my teenage years living in a drug clinic, the homes of empty-nesters seeking to help a troubled kid; and even lived in a tent for a while. In fact, he's been homeless twice in his life.

Chris later returned to high school, but graduated dead last from his high school class of 326 kids.

Yet he went on to appear in a #1 TV show and in critically acclaimed plays in his 20s.

!Professional-DevelopmentEven with these accomplishments, Chris was dissatisfied. He felt a burning drive for an education. So he left acting to attend university for the first time at age 30.

He feared he would fail miserably in college. He had never once in his life studied and the concepts of studying and learning were completely foreign to him. 

He left his very first class and, alone in the parking lot, screamed at the top of his lungs into the night as he slammed his text into the pavement next to his motorcycle. His dream of an education was crushed. He'd sat through an hour-long math class and could make no sense whatsoever of anything the teacher had said. Humiliated and demoralized, his dream was dead.

But the passionate desire to learn and to graduate college burned inside. He worked hard, graduating UCLA with honors from a Top-10 program, while also working 30 hours a week and becoming a first-time father.

Chris then received his MBA from Purdue's Top-20 business school.

Following school, he quickly became a Vice President for several Fortune-25 companies, then succeeded as an entrepreneur, selling his first company, Billing Management Group.

Chris is now a noted author, speaker, consultant and trainer in Peak Performance, Personal Development, Leadership and Public Speaking.!Personal-Development

There a number of good trainers and speakers out there. What makes Chris the best one for you? What sets him apart and makes me the answer to your needs?

Regardless of your circumstances and needs, he's probably been where you've been--and then some.

He knows your challenges. Most importantly, he has proven tools and techniques for you to conquer your challenges.

Chris has been homeless, on drugs and a massive failure.

But, with his passion and determination to be the best he can be, he changed who he was, raising himself above and beyond the limitations he was born into.

Later, even though his acting career was going well, Chris once again reinvented himself, terrified that he could not succeed in college, he nevertheless followed his passion and gave up a successful acting career at age 30 to follow his passion for an education.

At age 30, for the first time in his life, Chris taught himself how to learn and he performed at honors levels and obtain his BA and MBA degrees from top-20 universities

Chris been on top of the world in wildly diverse professions: as an actor on the #1 TV show and acclaimed plays, as a Fortune-20 Vice President, as an entrepreneur/CEO and as an author, speaker and trainer.

Chris has also fallen from the mountain, experiencing homelessness for the second time in his life after having already achieved substantial success.

But once again, he reinvented himself and rose above and conquered painfully limiting circumstances.

Chris has spent his life finding ways to overcome personal and professional challenges. He has very likely experienced your personal or professional challenges or he can relate to them and has proven tools and techniques for you to master your potential, rise above your circumstances and craft brilliant experiences, performances and results.

A few of the unique benefits you get from choosing Chris:

  • A Dynamic, Inspiring & Fun Experience - The Presence, Energy & Story-telling of  a Charismatic, Stage, Film & TV Actor 
  • World-class Management & Leadership Skills of a Fortune-25 Vice President & Entrepreneurial CEO
  • Creativity, Passion, Energy and Vision of a Successful Entrepreneur, Actor, Speaker & Trainer

!Keynote-SpeakerTHIS is what I offer you. The science and art to get more from and for yourself and others.

A Few Career Highlights

  • Chris has trained thousands of leaders for hundreds of companies to rave reviews
  • Acclaimed author
  • Vice President for GE Capital Commercial Finance when Jack Welch ran GE
  • Chris sourced & managed over $1-billion in corporate alliances for Fortune-20 companies
  • Thirteen years as a Fortune-20 Vice President in Business Development & Corporate Finance/Banking
  • As an entrepreneur, Chris founded, grew and sold a medical billing company with no prior industry experience
  • In his first career, Chris appeared on Dallas when it was the #1 TV show in the world and in critically acclaimed plays and in films
  • Top-20 MBA from Purdue University
  • Chris has studied & consulted in Lean Management, Project Management & Six Sigma




Published Books

  • BOLD! – Success System. Live & Succeed with Passion, Purpose & Positive Personal Power (2016)
    • "A how-to-get-ahead book that is just what we need in thesedifficult times."
      – Chairman, Forbes Media
    • "This powerful, practical book shows you a proven systemto build an extraordinary life, accomplish all your goals...”
      BRIAN TRACY – NY Times Bestselling Author
    • "Listen to Chris”
      MARSHALL GOLDSMITH – NY Times Bestselling Author, #1 Ranked CEO Coach
  • Breakout Presentations – “WOW!” People with Persuasive Power (2012)
  • ZoneFlow - Peak Performance & Success System To Be Released in 2017
  • The Leadership Edge - To Be Released in 2017

Client Testimonials

"Today was exceptional. I am walking away with a great deal of knowledge & I am excited to employ what I've learned."
~April, Administrator, Pacific Mobile

"Your presentation was motivating, entertaining and fun, yet filled with powerful tools to use in our work and lives. You broke through barriers with your positive, energy-giving wisdom.Thank you for blowing away my expectations. I highly recommend Chris as a speaker or coach for your conference."
~John Cyprus, CEO, Ameritec

"You’ll be happy to know that I am applying your tools and the results are FANTASTIC. The results haven’t been limited to my work. Even my wife has noticed a positive change and is eager to take one of your public seminars herself."
~ Dylan Gittleman, Vice President, IBM

"Chris had a wealth of studies and stories that were both entertaining and relevant. He had tons of valuable leadership advice. Can't wait to apply it."
~ Amethyst, Division Manager

"Chris is Awesome!! He is very candid, I love his style!! I truly enjoyed this training!! He kept us engaged."
~ Rosh, GameStop, Inc. Corporate: Customer Care Supervisor

"His lighthearted and sincere speaking style is both engaging and inspiring.  He quickly grabs the audience and holds their attention with his wit and wisdom. He offers real tools for transformation...  Chris has the ability to bring about true change, inspiring people to set goals, live them, and ultimately achieve unlimited results."
- Joanne Nall, President, Nall Associates

"Chris gave me great tools for motivating my people."
~ Dina, Manager, San Jose Public Utilities

"Inspiring. Opens your eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to become a better leader."
~ Steven, Director, DeltaStar Technologies

"It was very motivating. An awesome seminar. I really enjoyed the training and can't wait to use what I learned at work."
~ Mike M., Department Manager, Perennials

"Chris’ speech and breakout group were truly inspiring, motivational and packed with real-life tools we can and will use in business as well as in our daily lives. I’m already a successful person, but now feel like I’ve only just begun and am excited about the future ."
~Chantal Niven, Executive Producer, Green Isle Films

 "Chris did a wonderful job explaining different leadership & management situations. Very helpful tips. Now I just have to go back and apply everything he taught me!"
~ Esther, Group Manager, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

"Chris' training was eye opening & energetic. He kept everyone involved & made us all comfortable to speak openly."
~Jeff, City Supervisor, City of Fremont, CA

"It's going to benefit me professionally and personally. I didn't expect that.  BONUS!!!"
~ Julie, Supervisor, City of Santa Clara

"Chris is knowledgeable and has a lot of humor. The discussion was lively and he created and environment that made the seminar incredibly enjoyable, aside from the valuable leadership and motivation tools we learned."
~ Engracia, Accounting Director, Fidelity Material

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