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Hey friends. Click on the picture below for this short video with words of encouragement, including some great, practical advice, to stay the course and remain true to your greatest possible self, life and success.

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If you prefer to read, below you'll find the script I typed out for this video. It's not written in proper structure for an article, but I want to include it for those of you who prefer reading to watching.


Hi. This short video is to offer you encouragement

In your intentions and efforts to achieve your goals

Especially if your goals are substantial.

If you have significant goals,




Personal growth and development.

Physical fitness.

Have you ever gotten demoralized?

Have you ever felt Frustrated so often,

And for so long,

That you became demoralized and either felt like giving up or you gave up?

Yet somewhere inside,

you still knew you were both deserving and capable of achieving your goal?

You know,

It's human nature that, when we are exposed to,

Or we finally understand,

New information or wisdom,

Or a new mindset, attitude, habit or skill...

We become excited, optimistic and confident that this is what will turn our lives around

And soon bring our goal to us.

Sometimes we are exposed to valuable information or skills from books, videos, audios or seminars...

And we apply that wisdom.

We become self confident, optimistic and excited, right?

Yet, once again, days, weeks, sometimes months later,

It all seems to come to naught?

Nothing changes for the better.

So we become demoralized.

Possibly, in the extreme, we might become jaded.

Or pessimistic.

But if you have ever been there...

Or if you are ever there in the future...

I want to gently encourage you to not give up on yourself.

Often, though not always,

The reason our efforts aren't working

Are for one, or more, of a few common reasons.

And if you understand

Look out for and guard against these things,

You can greatly increase your chances for success

And, very importantly,

Your happiness and fulfillment along the way.


What are these things to look our for in yourself?

And, importantly, to have mechanisms to mitigate or, ideally, to eliminate?

First of all

No new way of thinking, or acting alone will likely have a significant effect on our circumstances and outcomes.

We must take new information and wisdom

And create ritualized systems

That force that wisdom, technique or behavior

From our conscious minds,

Into our subconscious mind,

Which is where neuroscience and psychology tell us

Greater than 95% of our beliefs, behaviors and all of our habits come from.

Simply being exposed to, accepting and committing to a new, more constructive and positive attitude, belief set, mindset or skill set is almost always not enough to actually change our core, unconscious beliefs, behaviors, habits and skills.

And all of these thing must change...

Before our lives change.

That is...

WE must change first.


At the unconscious and habitual levels of


And of habitually feeling...

Before the our habitual,

Not the occasional,

But our habitual experiences, behaviors and actions change for the better.

And it's our habitual states, behaviors, actions and skills applied that crate our results.

Not intellectual understanding of concepts,

Or our Occasional,

conscious application,

Nor our Desire.

New knowledge

New wisdom

Is wonderful

Potentially powerful and life changing.


it does not equal change.

See some of my other videos for some details as to he you can do this.

I believe this is probably the #1 reason why most of us who are genuinely committed to change

And who have sought out and acquired good,

and potentially powerful,

knowledge and wisdom about change and success,

Don't actually get the results we desire.

Because we assume that the wisdom, knowledge and commitment equal change.

And they aren't.

we rarely get what we want in life,

At least when our desired changes are significant,

Until WE change inside,

Until WE genuinely see and feel ourselves and our lives as the change we desire.

With the subconscious, core beliefs, attitudes, states, behaviors and actions.

And ones that are personified on a habitual, unconscious basis.

Not ones that are consciously and occasionally imposed, practiced or applied.

Does this make sense?

We must have ritualized systems we employ habitually, methodically,

To instill into our subconscious minds and brains...

That part of your brain that constantly monitors and manages your heart,

Your breathing,

Your parasympathetic nervous system,

Your awareness of your environment,

In search of potential threats to your life.

It's not until we've retired or retrained that part of our minds and brains

That very significant and lasting changes in habitual, unconscious beliefs, perceptions,states, behaviors and actions will change.

Okay, what I believe to be the second common reason

We don't succeed...

Is that we don't see the results we want

In the time we imagine we should see them

So we give up.


That we have failed.

Let me ask you...

Would you agree that in order for us to achieve our dreams, desires and goals,

That that involves change?


Something we don't have today...

Happiness... Fulfillment.... A new job, higher income or a relationship?

Or we want to weigh less

Or otherwise be in better shape?

Whatever we want...

Means, and, in fact, by definition, IS change?

And isn't it also true that our only vehicle, tool or instrument of change...

Is ourselves?

Well, as they say,

what got you here,

won't get you there?

To achieve new results,

We must first become a new person.

With new beliefs, mindsets and attitudes...

New life skills....

Mental skills...

Emotional skills

Professional skills.

And not just new skills,

But exceptional new skills...

And ones that we apply consistently

And at a high level.

And frankly,

It probably took you many years to get where you are today, right?

So why wouldn't it maybe take a little time,

To undo what's been done,

To Remake yourself,

As the precursor to remaking your life.

Now, I'm not saying it will take years.

Inner changes ultimately happen in an instant.

Though it typically takes reinforcement over time

To make those changes unconscious and habitual.

But the point I want to make,

Is that in our excitement of discovering new wisdom or skills,

We often hastily and mistakenly believe that this equals change.

But change, most often, takes reinforced conditioning over time.

The external changes we desire...

ThE results in our world we are after...

Well, then they often have their own, subsequent, lifecycle.

And it may take time for them to manifest.

Now, that can sound a bit daunting, right?

Even overwhelming?

But don't let this get you down.

Don't use this as a reason to not commit yourself TO yourself

Your highest self and life


we all want what we want

and we want it now.

But, please remember two final things:


Gods delays

Are not gods denials.

Because we don't become or achieve our dreams and goals when we want them,

Does not mean that we won't.

Do NOT give up on yourself.

Gods delays

Are not

gods denials.

And #2

in any event,

Even if the actual goals you are after never happen...

Whatever your results today,


next month or next year...

Is it true that the next five,


twenty years

Are going to pass

Regardless of how you spend them?

You bet they are, right?


Let me ask you...

What do you think the quality of your life will be these next five, ten, twenty years

If you give up on yourself?

Give up on becoming and achieving your highest self and life?

And what do you think your actual results,

Your quality of life will be in five, ten, twenty years

If you give up on yourself?


What do you think the quality of your life during those years will be like

If you actively,

Passionately and tenaciously,

commit to personal growth and development

To improving yourself, your life and your contribution to the world

Even IF the goals you sought don't actualize when you wanted them to.

Even IF your goals NEVER materialize at all?

You see.

The beauty of committing to the process,

Rather than time tables

Or specific results,

Is that, not only are we more likely to achieve our goals...

But even if we don't achieve our goals...

The person we become...

The life we live...

Is far superior to those we will experience

If we give up on ourselves.


Regardless of your outcomes and circumstances today,

Tomorrow and in five, ten years...

stay true to yourself...

Because The person that you will grow and develop into

Will be a much wiser, powerful, capable and successful a person

Than will be the person you devolve into

If you give up on yourself.

live with optimism,

tenacious commitment

Learn, grow and develop

with great passion and purpose.

And create systems...

Ritualized systems

That put the wisdom, knowledge and skills you actively seek and obtain

Into habitual practice

So that they habitually operate from your subconscious brain

And not only occasionally from your conscious brain

Your conscious mind and desires.


watch my other videos for details

on how you can use the power in your mind,

Your physiology

and your biology,

To develop, grow and find inner peace, fulfillment, joy and success.

And Please

like, comment and share all my videos.

Until then...


Personal power

And prosperity friends.

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