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Self Help Life Skills: How to Personal Improvement Strategy

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True? Not True? We Can Always Improve Ourselves and Our Lives?

Hey friends, have you ever wanted to improve some aspect of your life? Maybe you wanted to increase your self-confidence, your focus or your productivity. Possibly you wanted to boost your ability to communicate and persuade more effectively. Or perhaps you wanted to improve a behavior or action pattern you had?

How about having a more productive and rewarding career? Personally, and financially? We all want that, don’t we?

Of course, you want all of these things, right? Regardless of today’s perceived reality, we all always want more. It’s an inescapable part of life.

Can we agree on this? That we all always want more? After all, psychological- and neuro-sciences, as well as reams of anecdotal evidence, tell us this is true.

So, Why is Personal Change So Difficult Then?

If wanting more is such an integral and constant part of the human experience, why do most adult attempts at significant and lasting personal growth fall short? Heck, why do most efforts at even moderate self-improvement fall short, at best? Because, in fact, the vast majority of attempts fail altogether? (A few statistics below.)

This article helps explain why the overwhelming majority of adult self-help / self-improvement desires and attempts, fail.

They fail not because personal development itself doesn’t work. Because self-improvement absolutely does work. Or, I should say, it can work. After all, don’t we all grow and change significantly in our lives? Every single one of us, right?

The problem is, most of our change comes in our first 20-some-odd years, right? With diminishing returns on our desires and efforts after that age.

The reason the vast majority of our personal growth efforts fail is explained by neuro-psychology and learning sciences.

Most importantly, there are nine simple steps we must take in order to change ourselves in a significant and lasting way.

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