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Do you want a highly unique and effective way to increase growth, engagement and performance?

Chris' unique background and skill-set guarantee a one-of-a-kind learning-, result- and skill-set for you.
Your training will use performance skills learned and mastered at high levels in these professions:
- Fortune-20 Vice President in Corporate Finance, Banking and Business Development
- Entrepreneur/CEO and Acclaimed Author, Trainer and Speaker
- Acclaimed Stage, Film and TV Actor

Onsite Corporate Peak Performance, Human Potential Training Seminar Programs

The science and art of mastering your mindset, motivation, performance and results. Powerful tools to increase your presence, passion and purpose in work, and increase your productivity. Proven tools based in neuroscience, psychology and adult-learning science.

best professional skills, peak performance, human potential & leadership skills development company

Leadership Development Training. How to inspire peak, engagement, commitment and performance in others. Charismatic Leadership Skills that are wholly authentic to your unique personality and communication style. Inspire hearts and lead minds. Chris first learned leadership as a Vice President in Jack Welch's brilliant GE Corp.

professional & personal development training for sales skills

Sales Skills Training. Sales success correlates with the 80/20 Rule: Eighty-percent of Sales Success Comes from our habitual mindset and our habitual activities. Learn how to easily master peak performance quality and quantity sales skills, performance and results.

public speaking, presentation skills, public speaking tips, communication, communicate

Public Speaking, Leadership Communication and Business Presentation Skills Training. Master your unique quality of stage presence and power. Learn how masters structure, write and perform masterful presentations through the 3 elements of effective presentations. Persuade with power. Win hearts and minds.

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