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Peak Performance Personal & Professional Development.

Peak Performance - Personal Development - Human Potential Mastery

On-site Corporate Training and Public Seminars for you to massively improve your mindset, behaviors, actions and results.

You will learn simple tools to master the peak performance life and work. Tools based in neuroscience, psychology, physiology and the art of mind/behavior mastery.

Would you like to wake each morning and actively engage each day with massive focus, motivation and productivity? Passionately driven and purposeful?

If you want to make the most of each day of your life, attend this training and learn how to live and succeed big. 

You are your instrument of success. You have a subconscious, human "operating system," that functions in the background, much like a computer's operating system.

Experts tell us we get the core and majority of our "human operating system" by the time we are seven years old - an operating system that remains outside of our conscious awareness -- and it determines everything we do; including how often and how well we do what we do.

Do you really want a naive, unaware 7 year old governing most of your life experiences, behaviors, actions and results?

Would you use a DOS Operating System from 1990 to try and run your computer today? It wouldn't work, would it? 

So, why are you using equally outdated technology to run your life? Everything is at stake here for you. Update your human operating system in this training and get the most out of yourself and your life.

This training mixes the art of living with the science of being and achieving (Neurological, physiological and psychological sciences). You will leave with powerful tools that ensure you consistently live and perform at your highest levels of passion, purpose and engagement. Learn how to achieve your greatest possible personal and professional success. Guaranteed.


Leadership Skills Training. How to Inspire Peak Performance in Others.

Leadership Development Training

On-site Corporate Training and Public Seminars.

Simply put, leadership is "consistently inspiring others to great beliefs, behaviors and results." It is both art and science.

Stop making the mistake nearly all managers make: assuming that people's respect for your "title" is respect for "you." It's not. People are smart. You think they follow, when they are playing corporate politics and survival.

In this Leadership Skills training you will learn the dynamic, visionary, world-class leadership and motivation techniques that Chris was first exposed to in Jack Welch's GE Corporation when he was a Vice President in GE Capital.

There are two global aspects of world-class leadership:

  1. Self Leadership: First, you must lead yourself. You must be a Peak Performance Person and Professional of high focus, passion, purpose and mission. You must inspire and show the way. You must "be the change" and you must be it at high and consistent levels. 

  2. Other Leadership: Secondly, you must learn how to connect, communicate, care and cultivate others. This necessitates you understanding, among many other things, personality types (and how you must communicate with others based on who they are, not who you are). It also requires that you develop high high emotional intelligence. You must also learn how to inspire confidence, trust, passion and purpose in others, build coherent, cooperative and collaborative teams and peak performing individuals who peak perform when you are looking and, most importantly, when you aren't looking.


Sales Skills Training. Peak Performance Quality & Quantity Activities.

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Professional Sales Skills Training

On-site Corporate Training.

The 80/20 Rule holds up once again. Eighty-percent of sales success comes from our mindset, which fuels activity frequency and activity quality. 

Regardless of "technical" sales skills -- such as closing techniques, SPIN Selling and other valuable sales skills -- it's a positive, empowered and driven mindset, along with its resulting, habitual action, that create sales results.

Success comes from mindset and activity.

The sales pro with killer technical sales skills, but marginal or inconsistent mindset or habit will be crushed by the sales pro with marginal technique, but killer and consistent mindset and activities.

In this Peak Performance and Peak Results Professional Sales Training, we will focus on mastering motivational mindset and activities. 

The results will be exciting and rewarding; personally, professionally and economically - for the sales-pro, the sales managers, the CEO and, indeed, for HR and the rest of the company. When sales rocket, cultural motivation and buy-in rockets.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

On-site Corporate Training and Public Seminars.

Exceptional presentation skills and leadership communication skills are necessary to success in management and entrepreneurialism.

WOW! people in business and in life.

You will leave this training with the ability to craft powerful, memorable presentations with energy, charisma and influence.

Learn from Chris' unique professional expertise: first as a stage, film and TV actor in NYC and LA (including a part on the #1 TV show in the world and co-staring roles in critically acclaimed plays), as a Fortune-20 Vice President, an entrepreneur and as an acclaimed public speaker. 


Take Your People & Company to the Next Level & Beyond
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