Positive Mindset Productivity 3 Self Improvement/Growth Tips

Positive Mindset Productivity 3 Self Improvement/Growth Strategies Tips

This article will give you an incredibly simple, yet remarkably effective, peak performance brain hack for personal growth, goal achievement and success in any area of professional or personal development.
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Evolution Didn't Engineer Us for Fulfillment or Success 
Our brains are engineered by evolution to seek and avoid risks. But to achieve our highest potential in being, achieving and possessing those things we want to be, do and have, we must fight our brain's nature. Otherwise, we live a life far beneath our aspirations and potential.
Pushing into and past our self-defined limitations in our personal and professional growth and achievements - who we are, how we habitually feel, think and act - is, for most of us, most of the time, frightening and uncomfortable. And it doesn't come naturally.
But we will never become the biggest, best and the most evolved person of our desires and potential, if we don't habitually and purposefully push ourselves into and past our fears, into and past our comfort zone and habits.

A Simple, Effective Positive Mindset and Productivity Brain Hack

One great way to plant the seed of habitual, personal development and productivity is to purposefully challenge yourself, each day, on little things. Let's call them micro-actions. Small challenges in the work you're doing; little work-chunks that take between fifteen and sixty minutes to complete.
When you complete your mini-challenge, reward yourself with simple mental and physical exercise that creates excitement, a feeling of empowerment and success. Your challenge can be as small as finishing a small section of a larger project you're working on. And your reward can be as simple as jumping up, thrusting your arms into the air and strongly whispering "yes!"
Sounds silly? Try it. Your neuro-biology won't know that you're not genuinely happy and excited. Your brain will almost certainly dump a bit of dopamine, adrenaline and testosterone into your system. Perhaps even serotonin. 
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Mindset-Biology and Mindset-Psychology

The point is not to be a pollie-anna or otherwise engage in childish gimmicks. By doing this on a regular basis, you prime your subconscious brain (and mind) to begin seeking challenges. You prime your brain to, instinctively, seek the pleasurable reward of serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and testosterone that you have strategically and tactically trained it to seek and experience whenever you take on and accomplish challenges.
Your subconscious brain does not, and cannot, rationalize or dismiss that these highly-desirable neuro-chemicals you have, in effect, "artificially" introduced to it through manipulative use of your mind and body. Your subconscious brain only knows that it experiences the chemicals it most desires when you seek, move into and slay challenges.

Use it in Your Personal Life as Well 

Use the same tool in personal situations too. When you want to approach that "hot" person, but fear rejection and embarrassment - step into your fear, approach them and speak to them. Regardless of their reaction, as soon as possible, use your mind and your body to congratulate and celebrate your personal power, risk-taking and creatively positive action.
Create reminders in your smart phone and desktop calendar to remind you to habitually use this tool, then use it with full commitment, and you will soon see incredible changes in your habitual behaviors, feelings, actions, experiences and results.
This is a simple, effective tool for you to use your creative, conscious mind to take advantage of how your physiological brain naturally works, and hack it, making it a more productive tool for your increased risk-taking, growth and success.

If you're committed to professional and personal growth, subscribe to my blog and to  my YouTube Channel and you'll get FREE, ongoing training in Life and Leadership Skills.



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