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Personal Growth and Development

Here's a 12-minute video with some valuable personal growth strategies tips. Hope you enjoy it.

(After this video, watch this popular, on How to Change Your Habits)

(And here's a good article on positive mindset.)

Following are a few useful personal growth tips that aren't included within the above video.

1. Use Visualization Every Day

When you actively and habitually visualize your goals and aspirations, you give yourself at least two distinct advantages:

i. You provide your subconscious and your conscious brain a specific direction in which to travel.  This is important, because we otherwise get caught up in each day's short-term fire-drills, objectives and distractions and we might stray off course from our ultimate goals.

ii. Visualizing also fuels your inner passion and sense of greater life purpose, not only keeping you directed on-course, but also fueling the inner fire that great intention and action requires.

2. Visualize Your Greatest Outcome as Actualized... but Commit Each Day to the Process

The achievement of your goals and your potential depends upon your personal growth. As they say, what got us here will not get us there. If our outcomes, our results, that is, our extrinsic success and our intrinsic fulfillment are to improve, then we must improve; we must improve our being and our doing.

The most successful and actualized people, the peak performers in life, have clear, compelling visions of exactly where they are going and WHY they must get there.

But... the way we all get there, is through our habitual actions. The quality, quantity and duration of our actions. Our habits. Who we are and what we do each and every hour of each and every day.

Virtually all of us perform well... at least sometimes.

But Do You Want an Acceptable Life? Or a Life of Purpose, Abundance and Prosperity?

But... life's most actualized, fulfilled and successful people PEAK PERFORM... and they do so daily. Habitually. Methodically. Purposefully.

This sounds daunting. It sounds like work.

Well... in a word; DUHHHHH!!!

But, as I think it was Jim Rohn who said:

"It's the people who do the easy things who have a difficult life. And the people who do the difficult things, who have an easy life."

3. Celebrate Your Little Wins

Literally. Each day, manufacture mini-celebrations, throughout each day, for self-serving, little wins.

You finish that mini-project in twenty minutes instead of thirty? Celebrate. Jump up. Thrust your arms into the air. Yell "yes!" (Or whisper it loudly if you're in a cubical).

Have a routine job responsibility? One you don't enjoy? Maybe even hate? (Yeah, like we never have those, right?)

So complete it and celebrate. Convince yourself that you've done it with creative brilliance. Or in record time. Or with amazing finesse. I don't know, pick a personal compliment, tell it to yourself, believe it and... celebrate it.

Heck, have you ever used your imagination against yourself? Ever imagined you far uglier than you are? That you're more awkward than anyone else does? That you're not near as clever, engaging, interesting or promising that an unbiased, dis-interested third party most likely would believe?

Uhhhh... heck yeah! We all do that. And most of us do it far too often.

That is, all of us use our imaginations against ourselves all the time. Because our brains are naturally a "potential threat seeking / threat avoiding" machine.

As silly as this may sound, since you already (mis)use your imagination to hurt yourself, is it so fanciful, silly or "polly-anna" that you also (mis)use it to benefit you? Seriously? Where's the harm?

4. Commit to Never-ending Personal Growth and Development

The game's not over till the fat lady sings. And in human development terms, that means until you've exhaled your final breath.

Are you seventy-five? Eighty-five? Older? Well, the fat lady ain't yet sung. Not so long as you're reading this article.

So, you're personal growth and development ship hasn't yet sailed. Each self-improvement. Each personal milestone. Each step you make in evolving as a person pays forward somehow, somewhere. In your life. And in the live's that your life touches.

So make your personal growth and development one of your life goals. A daily process. A constant commitment to personal excellence.

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