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"Dynamic, Entertaining & Inspiring" - Former Critically Acclaimed Stage, Film & TV Actor (including a #1 TV show)
"Business & Leadership Savvy" - Sourced, Negotiated & Managed Well Over $1-billion as a Fortune-20 Vice President
"Creative, Intelligent & Energizing" - Entrepreneur/CEO, selling his first company, Billing Management Group

Sample Keynote Video & Sample Keynote Titles Below
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Sample Peak Performance & Human Potential Speeches

TITLE: Be Like Cliff - How You Can "Be Like Cliff" and Achieve Your Greatest Human Potential
  • How a 61 year old potato farmer, who had been running for only several years, won a 544 mile ultra-marathon, beating professional runners in their 20s and 30s by more than 10 hours.
  • Cliff defied expectation, probability and accepted perception of reality because of how he manipulated his mind and, therefore, defied all reasonable expectations in his behaviors and results. (click video on mindset & performance mastery)
  • In this inspiring, informative and empowering speech, you learn how you too can use the science and art of self-optimization -- how you can duplicate Cliff's Herculean effort and blow away all probabilities and expectations, living and performing at unimaginable peak levels in your work and life.
  • Chris draws upon the latest science in Neurology, Psychology and Peak Performance to begin to re-engineer your instrument for optimal state, performance & success.
  • We will identify the neurological limitations of the human brain we all share and you will learn mechanisms to crush these limitations we all face.
  • You will begin to master the tools & techniques you need to consistently peak perform, based on your unique personality, strengths, weaknesses, needs & goals.
TITLE: Three Keywords that will Totally Transform Your Work Performance and Your Life
  • Keywords are integral and fundamental to effective and successful e-marketing. 
  • What few people know is how they can be even m ore powerful and transformative to your work and life experiences and results.
  • Learn this incredibly simple, life- and work-changing tool Chris first created for himself to easily and quickly peak perform and succeed, first as a stage, film and TV actor -- including a #1 TV show in the world and critically acclaimed plays -- then as an successful entrepreneur and CEO to brilliant success.

Sample Leadership Speeches

TITLE: The Zen Warrior - Leadership Mastery Through Presence, Passion and People
An inspiring, energetic, yet insightfully wise and useful speech that will show you how to:
  • Unlock & unleash your organization’s human potential, massively and consistently.
  • Learn the science and art of peak performance leadership.
  • Inspire people to follow you and perform at exceptional levels, create brilliant results and LOVE doing it.
  • Take these skills home with you to massively improve your family and personal life.
  • Managers: Stop falling prey to "Optimism Bias," which experts tell us we are all guilty of.
  • You aren't the leader you think you are.
  • Studies show that your people, the ones you think are following you, aren’t following you at all – they are following corporate politics and self-interest.
  • Discover how to inspire a culture of consistent, world-class action and results.
  • This speech will inspire, motivate and educate you in a few pivotal, simple, but often neglected leadership skills. 
  • Globally, our focus will be two-fold:
    1. How you can develop and optimize Who You Are. That is, leading yourself to be an compelling, inspirational and magnetic person/leader, then we will focus on:
    2. How you can connect with and inspire the individuals on your team, so as to lead them as unique individuals, based on “who they are,” and not “who you are.”
  • As with all of his speeches, Chris weaves inspiring and humorous stories as a way of capturing your heart and mind - and as a way of driving home to you the personal imperative that you constantly seek mastery of your ability to lead others.
    (click here for a video on how to avoid what studies say are the Top-3 Change Management Mistakes)

Do you want to lead with the business savvy of a Fortune-20 Vice President from Jack Welch’s GE (Capital)? A leader with the unique and exceptional passion, energy and vision of a successful Entrepreneurial CEO & the dynamic charisma and communication skills of an acclaimed film, stage & TV actor?

Chris has succeeded and is a recognized expert in leadership, peak performance and communication skills. He will train you in how to break through your limitations and tap into your most dynamic leadership potential. You will learn how to ignite yourself and your team on fire with passion, purpose and commitment to your vision.

Don’t believe your own press! Studies show that we aren’t as good as we think we are. Most people aren’t following you, they are simply deferring to your power over them.

TITLE: Corporate Change - Crafting a Culture of Change, Passion and Purpose
  • Studies have proven what common sense already tells us: the greater the meaning, the greater we perform. Few managers integrate this most motivating of human characteristics into the things they manage and lead.
  • This inspiring, dynamic speech imparts concrete ways you can energize and motivate your team to step up their game consistently and exceptionally.
  • This speech also highlights the profound, personal imperative to your managers of them becoming - and remaining - highly influential, positive leaders, rather than being only good managers.
  • Learn how to optimize your human potential: Yours, your team's and your organization's.
  • Create a culture that epitomizes communication, connection and community. One that is consistently on fire with passion, purpose and peak performing professionals.
  • Change current mindsets, behavior-sets and culture from self-limiting, self-serving ones of self-preservation, politics and business-as-usual to a brilliant culture of passion and commitment to a high-minded, common purpose.

Sample Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Speeches

TITLE: WOW! Your Audiences in Business and Life - 
Breakout Presentation - Public Speaking Skills
  • Virtually every job is, in large part, sales. Communication is king. The ability to communicate, connect and persuade is crucial to life and business success. Experience a master communicator show how and why killer communication determines success or failure in virtually all areas of business and life.
  • Motivational, Inspirational, with Presentation Skills tips to make a huge difference in your public speaking ability.
Take Your People & Company to the Next Level & Beyond
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