Motivation/Performance Expert

Chris is a peak performance and motivation expert who's successfully trained thousands of managers for hundreds of organizations to consistently Rave Reviews. You'll get simple techniques to boost your mindset, engagement and results.

Leadership Expert

You get an acclaimed leadership instructor at UCLA and in the corporate market. A successful Entrepreneur/CEO and Fortune-20 Vice President who led large teams and managed over $1-billion in alliances with Fortune-1,000 CFO's.


You'll be highly engaged, energized  and entertained. Chris is an acclaimed speaker and former Stage, Film & TV Actor (including a #1 TV show and Critically Acclaimed plays). He'll engage and electrify you like no other speaker.

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Keynote Samples

"Be Like Cliff: How to Achieve Your Great Human Potential"

In this powerfully inspiring and empowering motivational keynote, learn how a 61 year old potato farmer, a "hobbyist runner" for only several years, defied all probabilities and won a 544 mile ultra-marathon, beating professional runners in their 20s and 30s by more than 10 hours. In this dynamically inspiring keynote speech, learn how you can hack your brain for optimal growth and performance. How you can duplicate Cliff's Herculean effort, blowing away all probabilities; slaying all obstacles; living, performing and achieving at unimaginable peak levels.


In addition to the inspiration, motivation and entertainment you will experience, you and your people will walk away with a few simple tools you can use to hack your neuro-physiological brains and minds to optimize yourselves to achieve increasingly peak levels of performance, fulfillment and success.

"Three Keywords that Will Transform Your Life, Work and Organization"

Keywords are fundamental and absolutely necessary e-marketing tools. But few people know how profoundly transformative they can be to your work and life experiences and results. In this engaging and inspiring keynote speech, you will learn you can use this simple, powerful and transformational tool, rooted in neuroscience and adult-learning science, to hack your brain and optimize your focus, energy, passion and performance, quickly and easily, in any moment.


Again, in addition to the inspiration, motivation and entertainment you will gain, you and your people will gain an amazingly simple tool you can use to hack your neuro-physiological brains and minds to optimize yourselves to achieve increasingly peak levels of performance, fulfillment and success.


"3 Key Qualities of Leaders and How to Make Them Yours"

You've seen how exceptional leaders stand out, right? They are marked by focused confidence, drive and achievement. Studies at Harvard, Stanford, Bain & Company Consulting, University of Chicago and others show one human trait is foundational and necessary to both leadership and peak performance. The trait? Presence. Further, Ivy League Researcher, Angela Duckworth, identifies two traits as the most common and crucial in life's most successful people. These two traits are also shared by exceptional leaders. The traits? Passion (for a self-defined Purpose) and Perseverance.

Leaders mindfully develop, nurture and employ these three traits in themselves. Really great leaders are also mindful to develop them in those they lead. You and your people want to live exceptional lives with significant accomplishments, right?  If we are to achieve our ambitions, desires and potential, we must develop and employ these three traits in ourselves. If we want to truly stand out, we must facilitate them in others.


This keynote pulls you into a story, so you experience, first-hand, the imperative of these three qualities to you, personally. Most importantly, the speech gives you simple mind/brain tools you can use to lead yourself and others to exceptional heights. Tools that empower you to increase, habituate and capitalize on these three traits within yourself.

"Evolution Engineered Us to Fail. Here's How We Can Defeat This..."

Our brains evolved over millions of years (including our predecessors) to achieve two things: survival and procreation. Survival was an immediate and constant drive and need. Procreation? As powerful and fun as it is, it's not as constant a drive or issue. As such, our brains evolved to first and foremost: 1) not focus, 2) constantly seek (potential) threats and 3) run from threats (imagined and real) and 4) to seek and take the path of least resistance.

(You think this might help explain organizational politics and romanitc conflicts?)

Look at those four brain defaults. Do you think they facilitate leadership, exceptionalism or success in modern organizations? Heck no. In fact, personal fulfillment and professional success require the opposites of these four things. The success we all want requires: focus, positive, imaginative creativity and risk and consistently moving passionately towards that risk, as opposed to our brains' imperative of running from real and imagined risk.

"Don't Believe Your Own Press. People Aren't Following You"

Studies show that nearly all managers, and the rest of us, over-estimate how good we are. Especially with "soft-skills" (like leadership) that are hard to quantify.

The psychological phenomenons of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, Optimism Bias, Confirmation Bias  and other well-established psychological tendencies we're all limited by, cause us to over-estimate our skills and effects.

Let's put it this way: have you ever met a manager that fancied themselves a leader? Yet when you looked behind them... Nothing. No-one. Not a single person following them?

Well, as they say, "if you fancy yourself a leader and no-one is following... you're only out for a walk." Is it possible you know a lot of managers who spend their days walking around (while imagining themselves the Pide Piper)? Yeah, me too.

So, what to do? How do you develop exceptional leaders at all levels in your organization? Well, for starters, understanding our inherent limitations is important. But, important though that is, and in spite of the famous quote, knowledge is NOT power. What IS power is the effective, consistent -- USE of knowledge.


In this speech, Chris will share stories that will lead your audience to identify their own self-limitations, personalize what this all means to them, then, most importantly, Chris will give you some simple mind/brain hacks your people can use to develop themselves into dynamic, resourceful and successful leaders of themselves and others.


"WOW! Your Audiences in Business and Life"

Virtually every job is, in large part, sales. Communication is king. The further up the organizational ladder you move, the more important your sales and communication skills become.

Experience a master communicator show you how you can be dynamic and influential from the stage. This speech will entertain and inform you. You'll learn the three elements of all presentations and speeches and, most importantly, how you can easily craft and deliver a powerfully persuasive presentation.


Regradless of your personality and current speaking skills, Chris will show you how to be Authentically Charismatic, Powerful and Persuasive from all stages you speak from; whether sales-calls, conference-rooms or on-stage in front of thousands.

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