What You Get When You Choose Chris

Chris training, experience and expertise in several professions offers you a uniquely diverse and potent coach to learn from.

  • Top university and Fortune-20 training and on-hands experience as a leader, manager and trainer of staff in the Arts and Sciences of Peak Performance and Leadership
  • A Uniquely Captivating, Energizing and Edifying Experience, influenced by Chris' broad and deep training and professional experience as a stage actor and business leader

Client Testimonials

"Today was exceptional. I am walking away with a great deal of knowledge and I am excited to employ what I've learned."
~April, Administrator, Pacific Mobile

"Your presentation was motivating, entertaining and fun, yet filled with powerful tools to use in our work and lives. You broke through barriers with your positive, energy-giving wisdom. Thank you for blowing away my expectations. I highly recommend Chris as a speaker or coach for your conference."
~John Cyprus, CEO, Ameritec

"Very moving seminar, Chris. Love how you convey leadership concepts and your techniques for finding my strengths and my purpose, in life and in my work."
~ Mahmut, UCLA Extension, Professional Attending Leadership Certification Program

"Loved the interactive aspect of the seminar... I'm leaving with increased self-confidence in my value... using what we learned in your seminar will make me a much more capable leader."
~ Mary, Chief Financial Officer, TLC

"You’ll be happy to know that I am applying your tools and the results are FANTASTIC. The results haven’t been limited to my work. Even my wife has noticed a positive change and is eager to take one of your public seminars herself."
~ Dylan Gittleman, Vice President, IBM

"Chris had a wealth of studies and stories that were both entertaining and relevant. He had tons of valuable leadership advice. Can't wait to apply it."
~ Amethyst, Division Manager

"Chris is Awesome!! He is very candid, I love his style!! I truly enjoyed this training!! He kept us engaged."
~ Rosh, GameStop, Inc. Corporate: Customer Care Supervisor

"His lighthearted and sincere speaking style is both engaging and inspiring.  He quickly grabs the audience and holds their attention with his wit and wisdom. He offers real tools for transformation...  Chris has the ability to bring about true change, inspiring people to set goals, live them, and ultimately achieve unlimited results."
- Joanne Nall, President, Nall Associates

"Engaging! Loved it. It was too short."
~ Lori, PR Director, Dermalogica

"Wow. Your energy is amazing. Incredibly useful and energetic from beginning to end. Interactive. Rich content. Useful exercises."
~ Adam, UCLA Extension, Professional Attending Leadership Certification Program

"Chris gave me great tools for motivating my people."
~ Dina, Manager, San Jose Public Utilities

"Inspiring. Opens your eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to become a better leader."
~ Steven, Director, DeltaStar Technologies

"It was very motivating. An awesome seminar. I really enjoyed the training and can't wait to use what I learned at work."
~ Mike M., Department Manager, Perennials

"Chris’ speech and breakout group were truly inspiring, motivational and packed with real-life tools we can and will use in business as well as in our daily lives. I’m already a successful person, but now feel like I’ve only just begun and am excited about the future ."
~Chantal Niven, Executive Producer, Green Isle Films

 "Chris did a wonderful job explaining different leadership and management situations. Very helpful tips. Now I just have to go back and apply everything he taught me!"
~ Esther, Group Manager, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

"Chris' training was eye opening and energetic. He kept everyone involved and made us all comfortable to speak openly."
~Jeff, City Supervisor, City of Fremont, CA

"It's going to benefit me professionally and personally. I didn't expect that.  BONUS!!!"
~ Julie, Supervisor, City of Santa Clara

"Chris is knowledgeable and has a lot of humor. The discussion was lively and he created and environment that made the seminar incredibly enjoyable, aside from the valuable leadership and motivation tools we learned."
~ Engracia, Accounting Director, Fidelity Material

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