Training can take place at your facilities, over 1 - 3 days OR it can take place virtually, in 2- to 4-hour tranches over successive days or weeks.

Live and Succeed BIG! In Your Life and Work

  • Imagine waking each and every morning focused, energized & passionate to live, work & celebrate big
  • Imagine achieving personal fulfillment & professional success beyond your wildest dreams - regardless of your current circumstances & job
  • Whatever your goals and your current job. You'll walk away from this seminar/workshop with deep passion, purpose & commitment to achieve great things & make your mark in this job & in your ultimate life purpose


Training to Master Peak Mindset, Motivation, Performance and Success

(1-, 2- and 3-Day, On-site/Corporate and Public Seminars/Workshops)

How to Outperform Yourself Each Day. Guaranteed:
  • You will gain the skills to:
    • Live and work each day with a deep sense of passion and purpose
    • Master your mindset, motivation and performance - in your personal and business lives
    • Accelerate and achieve your personal, professional and economic goals
    • Live and work from a deeply centered, mindful and empowered mindset and skill-set
    • Optimize your energy, focus and engagement in your personal and business activities
    • Live and work with much greater joy, gratitude and optimism
    • Vaporize the obstacles that currently hold you back
    • Use simple, creative, but science-based, tools to live and perform with optimal clarity, life purpose, passion, fulfillment and success (as individuals & as teams)

Master the Science and Art of Personal Power and Peak Performance

  • Substantial and Consistent Presence and Mindfulness
  • Habitually Positive and Creative Mindset/Attitude
  • Organic, Unconscious and Habitual Peak Motivation
  • Constant, Productive, Peak Action
  • High Energy as You Actualize Your Greatest Self- and Life-Purpose
  • Exhilaration of Peak Passion and...
  • A Deep and Abiding Sense of, and Commitment to, Your Greatest Life- and Work- Purpose/Mission
  • You'll Experience Optimized Focus and Energy and, of course...
  • Superior Results in Your Successful Realization of Your Passions, Purpose and Goals

Importance of a Motivation- and Growth-Mindset for Happiness, Fulfillment and Success

Would you like to wake each morning and actively engage each day with massive focus, motivation and productivity? Passionately driven and purposeful? Feeling and achieving an abundance of prosperity? Intrinsically motivated, passionately driven, focused and productive? Making a difference with your passions, gifts and goals?

You are your only instrument of success. The fulfillment, happiness and success you want and need.

Duhhh, you might say. Kind of obvious, right?

But think about it. If you truly ARE your one and only technology or instrument to be, live and achieve to your dreams and potential, then why wouldn't you invest the maximum amount of time, energy, focus and money in this technology?

More specifically, your mindset, your beliefs, your focus, passion and energy are your "operating system." As with a computer, your operating system determines how often, how well and how reliably the rest of your technology works, or doesn't work. Succeeds you, or fails you.

So, if your operating system is your most important instrument... technology... (and it is), doesn't it make sense to upgrade, optimize and maintain your operating system to the most robust, reliable and powerful it can possibly be?

Your Life Fulfillment, Happiness and Success Depend Upon It 

If your life, or your children's, depended upon surgery, wouldn't you only choose the absolute best educated, practiced and proven surgeon you could possibly find?

Well, while your physical life doesn't depend upon it, the quality of your life experience in your journey, and the quality of the destinations you achieve, absolutely DOES depend upon the degree to which you invest in (time, money and effort) in your human technology.

Commitment to self-improvement/help is an integral part of living big, achieving big and succeeding in your personal and professional goals.

Our Unconscious, Biological Operating System Determines Our Lives

You have a subconscious, human "operating system," that functions in the background, much like a computer's operating system.

Experts tell us we get the core and majority of our "human operating system" by the time we are seven years old - an operating system that remains outside of our conscious awareness -- yet it determines everything we do; including how often and how well we do what we do.

Do you really want a naive, unaware 7 year old governing most of your life experiences, behaviors, actions and results?

Would you use a DOS Operating System from 1990 to try and run your computer today? It wouldn't work, would it?

So, why are you using equally outdated technology to run your life? Everything is at stake here for you. Update your human operating system in this training and get the most out of yourself and your life.

This training mixes the art of living with the science of being and achieving (Neurological, physiological and psychological sciences). You will leave with powerful tools that ensure you consistently live and perform at your highest levels of passion, purpose and engagement. Learn how to achieve your greatest possible personal and professional success. Guaranteed.

Reach out now. Chris is a top, executive business leadership/management and life skills coach.


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