Live Big & Matter. Your Life Purpose, Passion & Mission.

Live Big & Matter. Your Life Purpose, Passion & Mission.

You want to lead yourself to an extraordinary life and work of success and significance. You may also want and need to lead other people to the same... or at least to a much higher level of performance and results.

Habitually (this means every day) accessing and living passionately through a personal sense of life purpose and mission is necessary if we, and our people, are to live our highest, most fulfilling, positive lives. And, of course, if we and our people are to produce to their greatest potential.

Problem is, this sort of peak living and peak performing goes against the nature of our brains. It also goes against the nature of the subconscious habits we've all adopted through life experience and limiting behavior habituation.

One of the problems we all encounter is that, as neuroscience tells us, our brains naturally and primarily seek possible threats and the path of least resistance.

But… our souls long for living, loving and mattering in a big, unbridled, unabashed manner.

Sadly, most of us, most of the time, default to our brains’ seeking of threats and the path of least resistance.

Fulfillment, Meaning, Success

You want a great life.

I haven’t met you, nor do I need to in order to know this about you.

And you want to be great yourself.

You want a big life of connectivity, productivity and relevance.

We all want these things.

But most of us live each day on auto-pilot. On the proverbial hamster treadmill. Busily running day after day. Getting through the day and the week, but so often getting nowhere fast. And succumbing to our brain’s inclination for threat-seeking and path of least resistance taking.

(After you read this article, here's a good video on positive mindset.)

Live Big - Seize Your Day

Do you remember the classic Seals and Croft song from the 1970s “We May Never Pass This Way Again?” Remember the opening line to the song: “life, so they say, is for the fools and they let it slip away?”

Boy can I relate.

I feel like I’ve wasted much of my life and my potential.

I believe that the vast majority of people choose each moment, each day to let their lives slip away.

I know for me, even after I had created some self-confidence, self-esteem and life direction, I was chasing someone else’s dream or going through the motions. I still hadn’t identified or created MY PURPOSE.

I believe we all have gifts and higher purposes.

But I also believe that few of us access our gifts or our purpose.

And I believe our higher or highest purpose is not so difficult a thing to determine.

It almost certainly is that thing for which you feel passion and meaning that also contributes to the sustenance, well-being or growth of life: of people or nature.

Purpose can be accounting; music; teaching; driving a cab. It can be anything for which we feel passion and meaning and which contributes to others.

Life, So They Say…

We all want to be great.

And we all want to live a great life. A life of meaning and importance. Where we grow, expand and perform well at things that are important to us.

We want people to recognize us for our special-ness; our gifts; our contribution; our importance to them and to life.

Life Meaning and Purpose

So… What is your passion? Or your passions?

What do you get excited about or find meaning in?

Where do these intersect you making a difference for others?

Again, your purpose could be driving a taxicab. Maybe you help people get to important places. Maybe you connect with your customers and brighten their self- and life-identity and sense of optimism, positivity and meaning. Maybe you help them with personal problems or just with their need to connect or be heard.

Clarify, Intensify and Habituate Your Passion

What are you passionate about? What do you find meaning in? What things that contribute to others?

What life and meaning is your soul pursuing? Who are you? Not your personality or demographics. Who is your soul? What is of highest meaning to your soul?

Are you living and pursuing your soul’s highest, greatest meaning?

Or… are you like the vast majority of people in that you don’t even know if your soul has a purpose? Or you do know, but you are so caught up in the busy-ness of life that you rarely, if ever, take time to still your mind, access your soul’s highest meaning and purpose and access it; celebrate it; share it; live it.

Success Attitude & Results: If "I" Can Do It, "You" Certainly Can

While my background certainly influenced me and drove in a direction much different from where I come from, I wasn’t inherently mature or wise enough to make the most of the lessons at an early age.

As a result, it has taken me many years to develop a true sense of who I am, with clear, compelling vision of a personal purpose and mission… and with confidence.

I was profoundly lacking in confidence until my 40s or 50s.

I often overcompensated for it with either defensiveness or trying to prove to others my importance.

Our brains long for safety and survival.

Our souls long to live, love and matter. To make a difference with our gifts and passions.

If we are to have the great and growing life we all long for, we must be a great and growing person. If we are to be a great and growing person, we must have great, expanding thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions.

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You Must Choose to Be Great

To be a great person and have a great life we must choose to be a great person and make a great life.

This is important, so I will repeat it: To be a great person and have a great life we must choose to be a great person and make a great life.

The choice is ours.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily easy.

Some people buy into the notion that all you have to do is think good things and through the law of attraction, those things will materialize.

That is nonsense.

However, what we do habitually think about and feel WILL be our life experience. And it will also ultimately affect what ACTUAL results we get in life.

If I habitually seek blame and reasons to be angry or distrustful of other people, my life experience will be one of anger, alienation and being alone. This will be how I perceive my world. It will also be the reality I define for others I interact with. It’s not law of attraction magic. It’s a simple function of the beliefs and perceptions I’ve chosen being my life experience and being how I treat others, which will be their experience of me.

The law of attraction only works in that our habitual thoughts, specifically our beliefs and feelings that we habitually feel, will create our internal sense of reality, as they also create what behaviors and actions we take in the world.

How You Can Access, Live & Succeed in Your Purpose

As the saying goes: to get something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done. And, as I always add to this saying, we must also “be” someone we’ve never been… with new beliefs, behaviors and habits. AND we must systematically, habitually, do this. As I said earlier in this video, we must be just a little better each day than we were the day before. Slightly improved perspective, beliefs and therefore, slightly improved behaviors and actions.

So, here are some action steps you can take to apply what we’ve discussed today and optimize yourself so that you might be more likely to develop that little bit each day, every day and then consistently peak perform and succeed in being, doing and getting to your highest ability.

Exercise: How to Change and Live Your Passion and Purpose

First, get more clear in your life mission, or purpose, and your values. And don’t be intimidated or turned off by the terms mission or purpose. Remember, it’s not some ephemeral, mystical and difficult thing to know. You get to decide what it is.

What are you most passionate about that truly contributes to life? Take time to ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers:

  • What am I really passionate about?
  • What skills, gifts and abilities do I have that are meaningful to me?
  • How do or might these things contribute to others?
  • How can I successfully exercise this contribution as a career or as a way of being and living my life each day?
  • How might I define and exercise my passions in a greater life mission or purpose that contributes to others in a meaningful way?
  • How can I better exercise my passion and mission with my current work?
  • Is there other work more synchronistic with my passion and mission I should consider?
What are Your Values
  • What are my most important values? That is, what is most important to me in who I am? In how I think, believe, behave and act?
  • What is most important, or valuable, to me in my relationships?
  • What is most important, or valuable, to me in my outcomes or results in life in things like hobbies, social activities, career and important relationships?
Clarify and Intensify Your Passion

If you want to win in your life, you must create the sense of passion and commitment to win. Passion of great personal imperative, life mission and purpose, is the strongest and surest form of passion.

By win, I don’t mean that you are in a game against another other person. Your only competition is yourself. We must win in life by being a slightly better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday.

Our daily growth need not, and indeed won’t be, big from day to day. But each day we must commit to winning against who were yesterday. To continuously maintain self-awareness, honesty and commitment to grow. It has to be an absolute imperative. A must.

Believe that you can and will win.

Know that you will also fall short some days. Maintain perspective, self-compassion, patience and self-love. Don’t use these lows as an excuse to give up, to not grow and improve. But you are human. Be loving, understanding, patient and compassionate with yourself. Treat yourself as you would ideally want and expect the most enlightened, mature, loving, benevolent and wise parent or adult would treat the most loving, caring and lovable child under their care.

Have a Clear, Compelling Vision of Where You are Going and Why You MUST Get There

If we don’t have a compelling, singular destination we are heading towards, then at least two self-defeating things, happen:

  1. We will travel in this direction, then in that direction, then in another direction, never arriving anywhere
  2. We won’t have the inspiration and motivation that a clear, compelling vision or destination provides. The inspiration that fuels exceptional beliefs and behaviors on our part. Those that are necessary to being and achieving our greatest selves and lives.

Know who you are. What is most important to you? What are your three highest values, or imperatives, in life? Your purpose or greatest meaning? Live and pursue these with passion, tenacity and confidence.

Please share this article with friends. Also, please post your answer to this question (or make any positive, productive comment you'd like to make): What is your greatest passion and/or purpose? Why is it imperative to you to actualize it?

Cheers friends.

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