Training can take place at your facilities, over 1 - 3 days OR it can take place virtually, in 2- to 4-hour tranches over successive days or weeks.

Develop an Authentic, Transformational Leadership Style. Unique to Your Personality and Skills. Inspire Your People's Hearts and Motivate Their Minds to Peak Motivation, Engagement and Performance.

    • Most leadership skills training gives you useful information, which might or might not become knowledge, and little more.
    • But knowledge on its own is USELESS and will not improve anything for you.
    • We're different. Because, we understand that knowledge is NOT power...
    • Rather... the effective, habitual USE of knowledge is power. And for you to begin "using" new leadership awareness, skills and behaviors, we must practice and install them into your unconscious, habitual brain. 
    • So, we'll begin to install new leadership mindsets and skills into your unconscious brain, where all habits and all skills reside and operate.
    • This is crucial. Because your habitual mindset, behavior and skills applied determine your success, NOT your intellectual knowledge.
    • We will identify, clarify and begin inserting new, optimized mind-, behavior- and skill-sets into your subconscious brain/mind. Ones associated with these key leadership practices:
      • Authentic to and capitalizing on each individual's unique personality and strengths.
      • So they are Instinctive, unconscious and habitual, rather than just good information forgotten and lost.
      • Deeply associated to each person's and your team's Passionate Purpose and Mission.
    • You won't have to rely upon remembering new habits and skills in the future (then regretting you forgot to apply them, yet again). 
    • Because we'll begin rewiring your unconscious brain/mind to optimize you, so that...
    • After our training, you'll instinctively think, feel and act in new highly optimized, productive ways. Ones deeply congruent with your highest personal and team values, purpose and mission.


(1- Day, 2-Day and 3-Day, On-site Corporate Training Courses and Public Seminars)

Your Guaranteed Outcomes

  1. Unlike 98% of all leadership skills training, you won't forget and never use what you've learned with us.Instead, you'll begin to instinctively employ exceptional, new leadership skills, so that you and your team remain focused, motivated and engaged in achieving your shared, purposeful mission.
  2. You, and those around you, will be amazed at the magnitude of your improvement.Soon, you'll catch yourself (and others will catch you) having thought, felt and performed at exciting, peak and productive new ways. You're leadership skills will surprise, enrich and gratify you and those around you.
  3. You'll have great awareness and mastery of your unique and authentic leadership strengths.You will significantly develop and more consistently employ your natural leadership strengths. You won't have to try and be someone you aren't. Instead, play to your strengths.
  4. You'll possess a deceptively simple, yet powerful self-optimization leadership tool.Leadership skills development never ends. We need simple tools that allow us to continue to grow and improve; and to continue to employ the knowledge and skills we already have. Otherwise, they may become lost knowledge and skills.

How We'll Succeed Together to Identify, Develop & Habituate Your Greatest Natural Leadership Style

  • First, We will Identify Your Uniquely Personal Leadership Skills Strengths (Because, initially focusing on your inherent strengths facilitates & accelerates you achieving a solid baseline leadership style).
  • Having identified your natural leadership strengths, we will further clarify & develop your unconscious behavioral association to your natural strengths.
  • Next, we will employ a Simple System for you to Capitalize on and Further Habituate Your Natural Strengths in your subconscious mind/brain (Because all human mindset, behaviors & skills reside & execute from our unconscious brains, not from our conscious knowledge. By using this system, you will begin to instinctively  call upon & employ your natural strengths at a more considerable & consistent level).

How We'll Then Step Up Your Leadership Skills Beyond Your Natural Strengths - Molding You Into a Truly Transformational Leader

  • Finally, because we want you to be more than a baseline leader, we want you to be a truly Transformational Leader of hearts and minds, we next begin Unconscious Habituation of the 9 Traits Specific to Transformational Leadership. The PVC3 Leadership Program
  • The PVC3 Leadership Skills Program develops in you the nine traits transformational leaders develop within themselves AND within their people
  • Which begs the question: what are the 9 traits of Transformational Leaders? They are:
  1. Presence - Shown to be foundational and necessary to leadership, emotional intelligence, peak performance and charisma; as well as to optimal mental and physical health.
  2. Passion/Purpose - A passion for a higher, shared Purposeful Mission is what drives all exceptional human effort and accomplishment. Leaders must personify and inspire Purpose/Mission within themselves and in their People.
  3. Personal Power - With the confidence, mindset and actuality of personal agency, people will can achieve great things. Without it, we won't believe in or even risk shooting for great.
  4. Vision - In every word and deed, a leader must articulate and personify the mindset & behavior of your higher Purpose. The significantly better way you offer your team, customers and world.
  5. Values - Your Vision is how you articulate your Purpose/Mission. How you articulate it in both your words AND, even more importantly, in your Actions. Your Purpose/Mission is your greatest Value. But you have other Values too. We must identify, develop and institutionalize them in everyone's mindset and behaviors. Because our Values determine our behaviors and activities. And they either facilitate or prevent us from succeeding at our Purpose.
  6. Velocity - We must identify, develop and structure systems into your culture that institutionalize the mindset, behaviors, habits and skills that will propel you to success. Otherwise, everyone will default to historical habits. Many of which do not serve your higher purpose.
  7. Care - Leaders must genuinely, authentically and passionately care. About themselves. About their Purpose. Their shared Values. Their People. 
  8. Communicate - Leaders are always communicating. Often especially when they aren't even speaking. And everyone is watching. Leaders must mindful develop and constantly execute effective communication of their Purpose, Values, Caring.
  9. Cultivate - Leaders must mindfully Cultivate the other 8 Leadership traits within themselves AND within their people. Every hour. Every day. With authentic Passion, Purpose and Caring.

Additional Guaranteed Results Include:

  • Kind of obvious, yet something few organizations ever do: We will help you Clarify, Model and Inspire Your Organization's Values and Purpose
  • But it's individuals, with their own personal Values and agendas who must buy-into and live and achieve your Mission. So, we will also Synchronize Your People's Personal Values and Vision with Your Organization's (Personalize and make urgent your organization's values and vision)
  • Increase the Trust and Community necessary to peak productivity
  • Discover and begin to Unconsciously Personify Your Own, Unique Charismatic Presence and Leadership Style
  • Unconsciously, Habitually and Instinctively Build Magnetic Rapport Between and With Your Team Members
  • Improve your Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Become a Powerful Force of Inspiration
  • Build a team filled with Self-driven Servant-leaders

Leadership is Positive and Purposeful Influence: consistently inspiring others to high quality and quantity of behaviors, actions and results; all directed towards a shared and compelling purpose.

Leadership is Both Art and Science

Most managers are pretty confident people; and they're driven, results-oriented and high-achieving people. This is why they've become managers.

These are positive and desirable qualities, right? Yes, but...

Management is not leadership. And, in fact, the confidence and drive that led to their promotion into management often hinders their ability to lead people.

It Gets Worse: We are All Limited in Our Self-Perceptions

There's a near universal psychological phenomenon called Optimism Bias (OB).

OB blunts our ability for self-awareness, self-analysis and self-improvement. OB is especially insidious with un-quantifiable, soft-skills, like leadership.

Optimism Bias: A phenomenon that causes us, to among other things, think that we are better than we are. Confident, driven people are often more susceptible to OB.

Most managers assume that people respect them, when they primarily, or only, respect their title and authority.

Most managers assume people are following them, when they are only following corporate politics and human nature. (Our brains instinctively take the path of least resistance, because this path serves our primary need and drive for survival).

In this Leadership Skills training you will learn the dynamic, visionary, world-class leadership Chris was first exposed to in Jack Welch's GE Corporation when he was a Vice President in GE Capital. You'll learn how to develop rapport, trust, passion and followership. You'll discover simple tools that allow you to consistently inspire hearts and motivate minds.

You'll leave this world-class training excited, focused and with powerful tools to significantly up your game and achieve exciting and rewarding results: for yourself, your team, your organization and even for your customers and family (after all, our achievements directly and indirectly affect all of our constituencies).

Chris is recognized as a top executive leadership coach. He has since led thousands of people, as a Fortune-20 and Middle-Market Vice President in Corporate Finance, Business Development and Customer Service. He has taught Leadership at UCLA for 7 years and in the corporate market for over 11 years.

Let's discuss how one of Chris' leadership skills development programs, workshops or seminars can make a huge and positive cultural, operational and financial difference for you and for your team and your results.

If you prefer online leadership skills training programs, Chris will have his first online leadership courses beginning in the late summer 2020. Reach out and we'll put you on our notification list, so you know when these exciting online leadership classes become available.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to consider live, onsite leadership skills development training. Live training is where the greatest focus, energy and change happens. Because we'll spend one to three straight days in highly focused, energized, engaged and powerful leadership and management skills training modules.

Learning, practicing and repeating your leadership skills, so they begin to become more than just intellectual understanding. We'll employ whole mind / whole body leadership development training exercises so you begin to install your new mindsets, skills and behaviors into your unconscious mind/brain for organic, instinctive and automatic peak usage going forward.


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