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Guided Meditation and Visualization Exercise Video

Guided Meditation and Personal Power Visualization.

This post is presented only as a video (after all, it IS a guided meditation and personal power visualization).


This 13 minute guided meditation & personal power visualization exercise will guide you into a deep, centered & peaceful state of focus, self confidence, positive attitude & presence.

After the guided meditation, I will the guide you into a heightened state of self confidence, focus & positive attitude through a guided personal power visualization.

This self help, personal development, self improvement exercise will create a greater state of peace, focus & self confidence from which you can craft greater happiness, peak performance or productivity, success and prosperity.

Use this visualization & meditation exercise daily to center & anchor yourself in greater peace, passion & presence, the optimal states for happiness, fulfillment, peak performance & success. Success in business management, career, relationships & anything you hold important.

Meditation & visualization are scientifically proven to be powerfully effective in better physical health, mental & emotional health, creativity, communication skills, rapport building & charisma.

These are simple, yet powerful self help & personal development tools that, if used each day, will have a significant impact on your presence, personal power, peak performance levels & success.

Presence, Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization

Presence has been scientifically shown to be powerfully positive for our mental, emotional and physical health. Presence is also a key component of personal power, peak performance, communication skills and charisma.

Meditation is how we practice (and perfect) presence. Meditation puts us into a deep state of presence.

Mindfulness is when we have a deep state of presence and we also are keenly aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Visualization is the technique of taking active control over how our imaginations (our conscious and subconscious) work and using them to purposefully craft out greatest selves and our greatest performance in any skill or behavior we desire to improve.

This video walks you through a thirteen minute guided meditation and visualization, leaving you in a heightened state of inner peace and personal power.

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