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Guided Meditation Exercise. Inner Peace Self Help Life Skills

Guided Meditation Exercise for Life Skills of Inner Peace and Personal Power

Hey friends. This is a simple, ten minute, guided meditation exercise, focusing on inner peace and personal power.

Get in a comfortable position. Sitting at your desk or a table is fine - anywhere you will be comfortable and undisturbed for ten minutes.

(Before you do your meditation, watch this short video on presence, mindfulness and meditation.)

The guided meditation lasts nine and a half minutes, followed by a half-minute continuation of the rainfall and bells sounds, so as to give you time to gently bring yourself back to the present moment and your day, but with increased presence, mindfulness and personal power.

Meditation, presence and mindfulness have been shown to be profoundly beneficial to our physical health in study after study at top research institutions, such as the Stanford and Harvard Universities.

Additionally, studies show that peak levels of presence are a key component of peak performance.

Finally, spiritual growth, practice and connectivity are deeply associated with the present, mindful and meditative states.

Click THIS LINK for the guided meditation.

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