Optimizing You with Transformational Leadership Skills

Develop an Authentic, Transformational Leadership Style. Inspire Hearts & Motivate Minds to Peak Mindset, Engagement & Performance.

  • You Need Change - Optimized People, Performance and Results
  • Most training only introduces information into your conscious, which does not change mindsets, behaviors or skills. We are different!
  • We will begin inserting new, optimized mind-, behavior- and skill-sets into your subconscious brain, so they become unconscious and habitual.

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Leadership Skills Development Training
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Your Guaranteed Outcomes - Identify & Begin Mastery of Your Own, Unique, Authentic & Transformational Leadership Skills Style to Affect Great Results. Unlock & Unleash Individual & Team Potential.
  • First, We will Identify Your Unique and Natural Leadership Strengths (this facilitates & hastens you achieving baseline leadership)
  • Having identified your natural strengths, we then further clarify, develop and intensify your mental, emotional and behavioral association with them
  • Then we will employ a Simple System for you to Capitalize on and Further Habituate Your Natural Strengths in your subconscious (so that, going forward, you more unconsciously, instinctively and substantially employ them)
  • Finally, because we want you to be more than a baseline leader, we want you to be a Transformational Leader of hearts and minds, we next begin Unconscious Habituation of the 9 Traits Specific to Transformational Leadership
    Other Results Include:
  • Clarify, Model & Inspire Your Organization's Values & Purpose
  • Synchronize Everyone's Personal Values & Vision with Your Organization's (Personalize & make urgent your organization's values & vision)
  • Increase the Trust & Community necessary to peak productivity
  • Discover & begin to Unconsciously Personify Your Own, Unique Charismatic Presence & Leadership Style
  • Unconsciously, Habitually & Instinctively Build Magnetic Rapport Between & With Your Team Members
  • Improve your Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Become a Powerful Force of Inspiration
  • Build a team filled with Self-driven Servant-leaders

Leadership is Positive and Purposeful Influence: consistently inspiring others to high quality and quantity of behaviors, actions and results; all directed towards a shared and compelling purpose.

Leadership is both art and science

Most managers are pretty confident people; and they're driven, results-oriented and high-achieving people. This is why they've become managers.

These are positive and desirable qualities, right? Yes, but...

Management is not leadership. And, in fact, the confidence and drive that led to their promotion into management often hinders their ability to lead people. 

It Gets Worse: We are All Limited in Our Self-Perceptions

There's a near universal psychological phenomenon called Optimism Bias (OB).

OB blunts our ability for self-awareness, self-analysis and self-improvement. OB is especially insidious with un-quantifiable, soft-skills, like leadership. 

Optimism Bias: A phenomenon that causes us, to among other things, think that we are better than we are. Confident, driven people are often more susceptible to OB.

Most managers assume that people respect them, when they primarily, or only, respect their title and authority.

Most managers assume people are following them, when they are only following corporate politics and human nature. (Our brains instinctively take the path of least resistance, because this path serves our primary need and drive for survival).

In this Leadership Skills training you will learn the dynamic, visionary, world-class leadership Chris was first exposed to in Jack Welch's GE Corporation when he was a Vice President in GE Capital. You'll learn how to develop rapport, trust, passion and followership. You'll discover simple tools that allow you to consistently inspire hearts and motivate minds.

You'll leave this world-class training excited, focused and with powerful tools to significantly up your game and achieve exciting and rewarding results: for yourself, your team, your organization and even for your customers and family (after all, our achievements directly and indirectly affect all of our constituencies).

Chris has since led thousands of people, as a Fortune-20 and Middle-Market Vice President in Corporate Finance, Business Development and Customer Service. He has since taught Leadership at UCLA and in the corporate market for 7 years. 


Leadership Skills Development Training - Onsite & Online

Leadership Skills Development Training - Onsite & Online

Leadership Skills Development Training - Onsite & Online

Leadership Skills Development Training - Onsite & Online

Leadership Skills to Take Your Organization to the Next Level & Beyond
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