Do you want a highly unique and effective way to increase employee growth, engagement and performance?

You'll get just this when you choose Chris, because his unique background and skill-set guarantee a one-of-a-kind learning experience and skill-set outcome for you. Your training will couple neuro-psychology and adult-learning science, with the performance skills Chris learned and mastered in his studies and at high levels in these professions:
- Fortune-20 Vice President in Corporate Finance and Business Development
- Entrepreneur/CEO (selling his 1st company, now running his 2nd)
- Acclaimed Author, Corporate Trainer and Conference Event Speaker
- Critically Acclaimed Stage, Film and TV Actor (including a #1 TV show)

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Would you like a simple system that empowers you to live and perform each day in a state of Peak Motivation, Engagement, Passion and Purpose? A personal and professional growth and development system that uses science-based tools to optimize your mind, brain and your professional and life skills?

This training is based in neuro-science, psychology and adult-learning science, coupled with the creative art of using this knowledge to create a system to hack your unconscious brain and install substantial and lasting change in your life skills and results. You want an exciting, productive and fulfilling life and career, right? One that empowers you to reach your potential and make the most of the short time we all have to feel, perform and succeed to our great potentials? Use this system to create personal joy and fulfillment, and professional success.

Live and achieve each day as a creative masterpiece of your great potential in passion, purpose, fulfillment and success. (Click the picture above for more details.)

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Imagine a personal system that reliably places you in state of peak passion, purpose and behavior each day. A system that instinctively develops deep trust, rapport and positive influence on the people around you. You are such an authentic and transformational leadership force, that people inherently model you and perform for you.

In this training, you'll discover and begin mastery of the science and art of Peak Performance Leadership. Unlock and unleash your personal, unique brand of charismatic, transformational leadership. Craft leadership traits that are wholly authentic to you; a leadership style that is reliably and persuasively inspiring and effective. Build a team of passionate, committed self-leaders. Ones that instinctively look to you as their leader and maximize their human capital to achieve your shared vision.

Discover and master your authentic and charismatic leadership style and transform your life and career, and the lives of others. (Click the picture above for more details.)

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You've heard of the Pareto Principle - aka, the 80/20 Rule? Well, 80% of sales success comes from our habitual activities. The most successful professionals create and live by "systems." The ancestor to our habits and activities are our mindset and motivation. The passionate and systemized sales pro will out-perform the sales pro with superior "sales skills technique" on almost any day.

In this seminar, you will discover how to easily master peak performance focus and motivation, then you'll integrate and systemize it to your unique personality and optimal sales activities, creating a "Personalized Sales Success System," unique to your specific circumstances. We'll systemize the science and art of peak performance, giving you a powerful success system, optimizing your daily motivation, engagement and results.

Master mindset, motivation and new peak performing habits and activities, improving your sales numbers from 20% to over 100%. (Click the picture above for more details.)

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Imagine yourself on a platform in front of thousands, or in a business meeting, or a boardroom, captivating, exciting and persuading your audience with your important message, achieving your professional goals.

In this training, you'll discover how to reliably access and master your unique brand of dynamic stage-presence, persuasion and power. Own your stage and captivate hearts and minds using your body, voice and words to engage, inspire and motivate people to act.

Christopher Babson is one of the world's top motivational and guest keynote speakers. He'll train you in the powerful and unique presentation skills he learned as a stage, film and TV actor in NY and LA, then later used as a Fortune-20 Vice President in Business Development and as an Entrepreneur and CEO.

You get a powerful, unique and reliable new persuasive communication skill-set with which to catapult your career. (Click the picture above for more details.)

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