Optimizing You for Presence, Power & Persuasion from Any Stage

Capitalize on Chris' Expertise as an Acclaimed Stage, Film & TV Actor & Fortune-5 Vice President Developing Well in Excess of $1,000,000,000 in Business with Fortune-1,000 CFO's

  • Discover Your Unique Voice, Presence and Charisma
  • Inspire Hearts and Motivate Minds with Your Compelling Message
  • Persuade People It's In Their Interest to Follow You & Act Now

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training
(On-site Corporate Training and Public Seminars)


  • Learn how to persuasively capture hearts & minds when you...
  • Significantly increase your stage presence
  • Begin mastery of your own, unique charisma
  • Massively improve your power to influence change in your presentations
  • Become an expert in the three elements of public speaking & presentations:
    • Content
    • Structure
    • Delivery
Begin Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Mastery
  • Presence with yourself and your audience
  • Connecting with, and inspiring, your audiences' hearts
  • Influencing and persuading your audiences' minds
  • Stage presence and power

Gain from Chris' rich experience and expertise as a Stage Actor and as a Famous Keynote Conference Speaker for Corporate Events.

WOW! people with charismatic, persuasive power in your business and in your life.

You will leave this training with the ability to craft powerful, memorable presentations with energy, charisma and influence. Charisma and authority that is unique and authentic to who YOU are and not as compared to anyone else.

Learn from Chris' unique professional expertise: first as a stage, film and TV actor in NYC and LA (including a part on the #1 TV show in the world and co-staring roles in critically acclaimed plays), as a Fortune-20 Vice President, an entrepreneur and as an acclaimed public speaker. 

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