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3 Wise Quotes About Perseverance or Giving Up

First: How to Use Wise Quotes as a Personal Growth Tool

You can use the wise quotes for much more than just a fleeting appreciation of their motivational and inspirational power.

Use them to accelerate your personal growth and development. 

It will take precious little of your valuable time. I promise…

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Life Quotes About Perseverance Success or Giving Up

Perseverance, Happiness, Fulfillment and Success? Or Giving Up? 

The human brain, yours and mine, are designed to seek out and avoid what we fear (risk, threat and failure).

This foundational brain function allowed our species to survive throughout evolution, where our #1 goal was… you guessed it: survival. And physical threats abounded back then.

But today, don’t we crave want much more than survival? Don’t you want to thrive? And by “want,” I mean, like “A LOT?” 

We Need to Fight Our Brains and Move Into and Past Our Fear

But everything you want that lies on the other side your natural fears.

Your brain, so well designed for evolution, fails your modern need to thrive. To create. To grow. To matter. To self-actualize and self-transcend. To live big and to achieve great meaning and purpose.

So, to reach your potential and achieve a purposeful life, you must push through and past your brain’s natural fears. Move into, through and past your fear of failure.

Only then, can we live big and thrive.

Top Quotes About Perseverance Success or Giving Up

If People Only Knew

If the people who read our Facebook Twitter and other social media posts only knew…

…if they only knew that we aren’t half as beautiful, happy, successful, cool, intelligent, clever, funny and successful as we would lead (ourselves and) them to believe.

Ciao Ego. Hasta la Vista Social Media 

Want to actually be interesting? Here’s an obvious, but rarely used, suggestion: “86” social media for a few weeks.. Better yet, for a few months. Hmmmm… even better: forever.

And focus on failing, learning, growing, applying and succeeding. And, as they say: wash, rinse, repeat.

Learn, grow, develop as a soul and as a mind. Then make a difference for others with your passions and purpose.

Okay, let me qualify this. Sure, use social media to get your message out. (As opposed to what most people do, which is to let social media use them). Use social media Not to communicate a message of how beautiful, successful and happy you are. Rather, use social media to communicate your message about how your passions, gift(s) and purpose can make a genuine, material and meaningful difference in others’ lives.

So, Risk Being Not Cool and Successful

So, push past your (totally universal and understandable) desire to fool yourself and others into believing you’re more happy, beautiful and successful than you actually are…

And push past the superficial (and temporary) inspiration and motivation in wise quotes.

And become a person who’s actually moving along the continuum of their potential to actualize and transcend their human potential.

Step Out. Take a Risk. Live Big.

Take the risk. Move past your fear of not being not only socially accepted, but socially desired. Move into the higher realm of being genuinely socially valuable.

And hey, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not judging or casting aspersions here. I’m human. I’m every bit as prone to and desirable of a self- andother-perception that I am more than I am. I get it. We are ALL predisposed to this.

But… we are also all capable of pushing past this and truly becoming of actual value beyond our own egos.

Best Quotes About Perseverance Success or Giving Up

This Wise Quote Pretty Much Sums It Up, Right?

Not much more to say, is there?

Dare to fail great and you might achieve great. Don’t and you almost certainly won’t.

In any event, if you genuinely and consistently dare to fail great, the person you become and the things you will achieve will cast a massive shadow over the person and works you’ll otherwise manifest.

You have nothing to lose… unless you choose to acquiesce to your fears, rather than to push past them. In that case, you will, for all purposeful meaning, choose to lose your life. Insomuch as, you will have eternally relinquished the potential and purpose that was embedded in your dna before you were born.

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